The Pros And Cons Of Sharing A Cubicle


After a year and a half, I finally got promoted to my own cubicle. Let me be the first to tell you, it s truly is a revelation. But it’s not all fun and games. Before this upgrade, I worked in a monster, six-person cubicle, known either as the six-pack, or more commonly, the bullpen. Now my four best friends are the empty, taupe cubicle walls that surround me. There’s a unique balance of pros and cons when it comes to having your own workstation.

Pro: You always have someone to shoot the shit with. Slow day at the office? All it takes is a quick swivel and you have a one in five chance of someone having just as slow of a day as you. No effort needed.

Con: There’s a one-in-five chance that someone is constantly looking to shoot the shit. Maybe today’s the day your inbox is imploding with hot taskers and you forgot your headphones. Well, guess who’s going to be listening to Cindy talk about her hot date last night? You, that’s who.

Pro: People are constantly visiting. This is pretty sweet. When people are bored, they come to you. It’s like you’re the Godfather. People come ask you questions while you swivel around and face them. You own the party cube.

Con: People are constantly visiting. If you’re the only six-pack on the floor, guess where everyone’s coming to get away from their work. Unlike you, they can’t just swivel; they have to get up and come to the cube where someone is bound to be bored.

Pro: There will always be food around you. Forget to pack a lunch? Cindy brought bagels. Need coffee? Guess where the Keurig machine is. At least twice a week someone brings in food for you. Reread that sentence. Someone brings you food.

Con: You will never be able to diet. You know that morning when you thought it would be an awesome day to grab a lean breakfast burrito on the way into the office? Well, Cindy decided to bring in bagels and cream cheese. Yeah, blueberry ones with whipped strawberry cream cheese. Damn it, Cindy. You obviously don’t have the willpower to say no to bagels, just your diet.

Pro: You always have a helping hand. Unless you work with five cube-mates who plug their headphones in and neglect any conscious thoughts, they’ll take notice if you’re overworked and lend a helping hand. Just be ready to return the favor.

Con: You can never sneak out early. Friday afternoon, 3:15 p.m. You are surrounded by five people who may or may not tell on you for skipping out early to snag some rooftop beers and you’re far too afraid to ask. Checks and balances.

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