The People Who Brought You ‘Serial’ Are About To Drop A New Podcast

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A few years ago, our lives changed for the better when Sarah Koenig and her team dropped season one of Serial, where many of us began to foray into Reddit for the first time as we obsessively tuned in every week to determine if Adnan was actually guilty (it was totally Jay). I’d never been a big podcast listener before, but thanks to Serial (and MailChimp, of course), my commute to work changed for the better.

Unfortunately, listening to season two was more boring than sitting in an hour’s worth of rush hour traffic, so after I caught up on the few podcasts I subscribe to for the week, I’d inevitably be stuck with a few work days of trying to skip through chatter on talk radio and debate whether or not my budget could squeeze in an XM subscription. I longed for the days of Adnan Syed to return to my radio so I could channel my road rage back into the podcast as I yelled in my car at the judge who clearly didn’t take the cell tower pings seriously enough.

However, the days of Serial are about to be back with a major upgrade. Sarah Koenig and the rest of the Serial team are about to drop yet another crime podcast, this one titled “S-Town.” The difference between this spinoff and the OG Serial? All of S-Town’s episodes will drop at the same time so you can stream them Netflix-style. This completely changes my podcast game – no more boring Tuesdays in the car because none of my favorite podcasts dropped that day; instead, I’ll be able to pull up season 1 of S-Town on demand and listen to it as quickly as I want. It’ll drop in March, so spend the next month clearing out your podcast queue so your phone is ready to download an entire season in one go.

If you’re not already sold, the cast will also include Ira Glass, who you probably recognize from ‘This American Life,’ and the storyline is a lot more reminiscent of Serial season 1 than season 2. Koenig’s getting back to her true crime roots, this time delving into a murder in a small Alabama town and the hidden agendas, relationships, and motives behind this case. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to wait for this until March, but I may just revisit season 1 of Serial and my conspiracy theory timelines to sharpen my problem-solving skills for the moment S-Town drops. Make sure you all remember your Reddit passwords because the tinfoil hats are about to come out.

[via Huffington Post]

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