The Newest Instagram Trend Is Breastfeeding Yoga Because, Uh, Why Not?

The Newest Instagram Trend Is Breastfeeding Yoga Because Why Not?

In today’s “I can’t believe I was surprised for a second” news, the hashtag #BreastfeedingYoga is now a trend on Instagram. The photos feature – you guessed it – women breastfeeding while doing yoga. Now, as a general human person/woman who plans on discontinuing my habit of falling asleep in Ubers long enough to become a mother at some point, I am all about the right to breastfeed in public. Instagram as a public platform should be no exception, if the mother is into showing that shit off. So, sure. Let’s throw some yoga in there while we’re at it, because why the hell not?

The movement was put on the map by Texas-based Carlee Benear in an effort to help new moms alleviate self-doubt in favor of self-care and love. I’m not going to lie, the poses look damn hard to do even without a baby attached to your person, so some props are in order. But Instagram yoga people have to know by now they are the butt of many jokes all over the internet, yet it hasn’t stopped them. And who loves Instagram yoga more than anyone? Righteous millennial moms.

Per Bustle:

Carlee Benear shares photos of her yoga session on Instagram along with inspiring captions like, “I hope you find your peace today”

Are we really leading off with this one? The woman is doing upside down one-armed handstands with a small child hanging from her boob and the most “inspiring” caption she can think to accompany it is something right off of a Dove candy bar wrapper? We need more, Carlee. You deserve better for yourself.

Many of her photos feature her baby Maramaylee, although some pictures also capture the playfulness of her two other kids, 5-year-old Milam and 2-year-old Cale.

Oh, I get it now. These baby names, coupled with the gratuitous references to “Mother Earth” in her captions give me a general idea of who we’re dealing with here.

’Yoga helped me with my morning sickness during pregnancy and hopefully sparked a love for it within my daughter. She moved with me for nine months and still enjoys moving with me today,’ Benear says, calling the human body ‘art’ with infinite capabilities.

Alright, Carlee. I would love to fast forward ten years and see her as the over-enthusiastic yoga parent whose only hope for her kids is a flawless crow pose, but all they want to do is ride horses or resent their mother for embarrassing them on social media. I get it, yoga is, like, really good for you, and so are likes and comments. I just hope for her sake baby Maramaylee agrees.

At the end of the day, good for Carlee and all these other moms out there who are practicing self-love while simultaneously taking care of another tiny human. That’s pretty badass and while it’s easy to poke fun at something so characteristically 2016, I ultimately respect it. Personally, I will keep my future breastfeeding and yoga posing separate and off Instagram. But if this is your thing, sure, why not?

[via Bustle]

Image via Instagram

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