The Life Goals Of Random People Across The World Are Actually Pretty Sad

The Life Goals Of Random People Across The World Are Actually Pretty Sad

I’m new to the working world. It seems like only six months ago, I was living a carefree life — having everything paid for while soaking up the last days of college. I guess, because, that was six months ago.

Today, I ate two bananas and a slice of turkey for lunch to save money.


So, yeah, if you asked me what my life goal was back then, I bet it would be pretty different than the one I’d name today. It seems as though no one has a good read on what their main life goal is right now. On Reddit, the question was posed, and here are some of the most interesting responses.

From Reddit:

At 73, 74 is about all there is to hope for.

Staying alive. I guess that would be on my list.

To get to a point in my life where I can choose how to spend my time, rather than having to sell most of my spare time for cash. Mortgage free, decent income, plenty of food, clothes etc. for my wife and my boy, maybe some left over but without being forced to sell my labour for the majority of my waking hours. Freedom to do what I want, whether it be read, study, exercise, or whatever. Freedom.

No arguments here.

It absolutely scares me that my answer is “I have no idea”.

Join the club.

To find passive sources of income, and no longer have to work. Don’t need a lot of money, just enough to get by and do some traveling. Have one rental property, working on another and a website.

My neighbor’s grandpa struck it rich by living in west Texas during the oil boom. Wish that happened to me.

Not fuck up too bad.

A little fucking up is absolutely OK, though.

To be able to get guac on my burrito bowl without worrying whether I can afford it or not

Considering Chipotle is chock-full of E. coli, I think they should offer this as retribution.

I just want to be a homeowner so bad. It’s my ultimate goal in life. I want to have DIY projects to work on over the weekends with my wife. I want to work to make a humble little home as picture perfect and beautiful as possible. Do yardwork, fix things, help my wife pick out furniture and decorate. It seems I’ll be stuck in student loan debt and a closet sized apartment forever. I’m saving wisely, it’s just a slow process.

A simple dream, but a nice one.

To be the first human to land on Mars.

A complex dream, but a nice one.

As of recently, I’m trying to live a positive life, and I try to be a positive force in other people’s lives. It’s not always easy and sometimes my light burns out, but hey. I’m trying.

Being positive about stuff can honestly make your day so much better. Try it, if you haven’t yet.

To create something beautiful. I don’t care if it’s music, art, or something less tangible, but I want to add beauty to this world.

I can dig this, I just don’t have any musical or artistic skills.

Keeping myself distracted until I die.

Thankfully, Netflix is doubling its content offering next year. Hope that helps.

pay off my debt

I luckily can’t relate to this one, but from what I can understand, debt is probably the biggest deterrent from a happy life I can find.

To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women.

I believe ISIS is always looking for more recruits.

2 chicks at the same time, man.

SAME. I can’t get past 1-for-2, though.

Having my own Wikipedia page that I didnt make

That’s big time, man.

Best in the world at Super Smash Bros.

I’ve already achieved this goal.

Keep my daughter off the pole.

Or just not have a daughter, period.

There you go. Everyone in the world is slightly miserable. Fear not, we only have like 40-50 more years of this before our bodies start decaying and we have to bury our loved ones. But hey, at least the weekend is only….four days away. FUCK.

For more of this extremely depressing thread, click HERE.

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