The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Described Through Tinder

Apparently being young, lonely and horny is a universal concept, and even in times of war and conflict, it’s refreshing to know that love can still exist…or, at least, the desire to bang each others’ brains out. Can love, despite all other odds, still conquer all? That’s the question that Palestinder is trying to figure out; they’re a group of twenty-somethings working in the West Bank that wanted to see what Tinder and Grinder are like in times of war…or at least in times of conflict. Tinder and Grinder are mostly populated with Israelis, so there’s a clear cultural divide that can be seen here.

While rockets are fired from one country to another, can sparks still fly between two people? Let’s find out.

Either this guy doesn’t get it or just doesn’t give a fuck. Either way, not off to a great start.

Whoa whoa whoa. Dude. Stop the clock. That is NOT the fastest way to get into eating her shawarma, if you catch my drift. What happened to guys just pretending to care about what girls did in order to sleep with them?

Idiot, you ask her for her prices first, THEN you call her a whore. That’s like Hooker Dealings 101 stuff. Bush-league, bro.

Alright, now these people are just fucking with the Israelis a bit. Take it down a notch, social crusader wannabes. You’re not Superman, you’re a Tinder troll with a Tumblr account.


This one here is where it gets really ugly.

My obvious religious bias notwithstanding, I don’t agree with either of these idiots, frankly. These guys are clearly on these dating sites just to post screenshots to Tinder and put on a show for the world and in some cases seem to be REALLY baiting the Israelis on Tinder and Grinder into being ignorant. There’s obvious fault on both sides of the aisle and until we learn to put aside our differences and work toward a better tomorrow, none of us will ever know peace.

We should all strive to be more like this guy:

[via Palestinder]

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