The Good People Of Reddit Have Aggregated A Number Of Mind-Blowing Facts That Are Surprisingly Not Bullshit

The Good People Of Reddit Have Aggregated A Number Of Mind-Blowing Facts That Are Surprisingly Not Bullshit

I just took a 15 to 45-minute break from updating a spreadsheet of “stakeholders” in Wichita, Kan. to read, and research, a bunch of these ridiculous facts random folks on the internet posted on Reddit today.

I can not speak to the validity of these claims, but I trust these facts are legit. After all, the prompt of this Ask Reddit thread is “What is surprisingly not bullshit?” Surprisingly, indeed.

Take a look below, courtesy of Reddit:

The fax machine was patented in 1843.

This is particularly ridiculous because I just used one at work this morning.

It is possible for humans to breathe liquid. Disclaimer: It only works with very special liquids called perfluorocarbons so don’t try this in a swimming pool or you will die.

Good thing I read the disclaimer.

Every U.S. state holds onto money that people are owed and haven’t claimed. Including from third-parties. You just have to go to their website and look yourself up. I got $500 from a computer company I bought a laptop from once, and a few other small payments too.

Start here and don’t forget to look at “Search by State.” You may not have anything coming to you… but you might!

Damn. Nothing coming my way.

Crocodiles actually have no life span. If they lived in a perfectly suited environment with no predators/diseases etc. they would live forever. It’s a process called negligible Senescence

This is the one that has blown my Goddamn mind all afternoon.

Algae and Phytoplankton actually produce most of the worlds oxygen (about 70% on average) not trees like most people assume and were taught.
Guys trees are still important don’t freak out.

I feel less guilty for printing all the time now.

Nausea can sometimes be fixed by moving your head through a set of positions to readjust the crystals in your inner ear.

Are ear crystals valuable? Can I harvest mine?

One of an octopus’ tentacles is actually a penis and can detach it and throw it at its mate, where she can inseminate herself.
“Here, go fuck yourself.”

The way sex was meant to be.

a two day old gazelle can out run a racehorse

This could make the Kentucky Derby all the more interesting.

The top of the Eiffel Tower leans away from the sun, as the metal facing the sun heats up and expands. It can move as much as 7 inches.

The Eiffel Tower has never really intrigued me that much, to be honest. Unlike my dumb girlfriend.

The US Navy’s combat dolphins are serious military assets (to the tune of $14 million in funding a year, and has the Pentagon’s financial backing through the year 2020.

Navy SEALs and Navy DOLPHINS.

The CIA spent $20 million on creating spy cats, by surgically stuffing eavesdropping equipment in cats and dropping them off near Soviet embassies.
The first cat they released was run over by a taxi and killed before it could reach its target.
The CIA, of course, denies the cat was killed; they stated, “the equipment was taken out of the cat; the cat was re-sewn for a second time, and lived a long and happy life afterwards.”
Yeah, I bet it’s still on the farm, playing with my childhood dog.

A foolproof plan!

If the race is long enough, the human will outrun the horse.

Not this human.

Birds’ closest living relatives are the crocodilians.

Then why don’t they live forever, too?

Oxford University predates the Aztec Empire by at least 250 years.
(Oxford definitely existed in 1167, 261 years before before the Aztec Empire rose in 1428, but records exist of teaching happening at Oxford University as far back as 1096, a full 330 years before the Aztec Empire)

I prefer big state universities. That’s where you learn the life lessons.

Dark roasted coffee has less caffeine.

That’s why it’s my least favorite blend.

There are more trees on earth than stars in the galaxy.

This…doesn’t sound right.

in the cold war the US had plans to drop Magnum size condoms labeled as “regular” on russia to demoralize the population.

That should be a war crime.

To read more of this absurd thread and its replies, click HERE.

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