The Four-Day Work Week Needs To Happen And Here’s My Totally Sound Logic As To Why


As you sit in countless conference calls with clients and business meetings with executives, the main topic of discussion is how everyone can come up with ideas to improve the wellbeing of the company or companies and everyone who works for them. Usually no one says anything because they’re too busy staring at their hands, thinking about all the work they have to make up for sitting in these meetings, or what they are going to do for lunch (if the people that scheduled the meeting were cool enough not to schedule it during the lunch hour).

The ideas that are thrown around most likely deal with improving sales and revenue, cutting costs, bettering customer service, or improving some small thing like the coffee in the break room. No one really comes up with anything exciting or valuable, because no one really cares that much. But what if everyone got together and came up with something meaningful like boycotting the traditional work week?

I’m not talking about a full on boycott of work; I’m talking about a fair compromise with the people who employ you and a compromise with society as a whole. Since it doesn’t look like we humans are going to evolve another opposable thumb, the only thing thats left to evolve are ideas. Here’s an idea that would benefit a lot of people but I myself am not completely sure if this can be done. How about we add an 8th day to the week, call it Funday and stick it between Sunday and Monday (not totally original but it’s a start). Whoever came up with the idea of working 5 days and having 2 days off is a real asshole so with the added extra day, we split work and free time right in half; 4 days for each. That way everyone is happy and now everyone finally has time to get their shit done that can never be done on a typical 48 hour weekend like traveling or sleeping in.

During the 4 days of work, the work day can either be extended to 10 hours to make up for the lost 5th day or we could just have a unanimous vote to say screw it and keep the work day at 8 hours. Everyone would be a lot happier if they actually had time for themselves or their families and friends and not a whole lot would change for companies. This 8th day addition would actually create jobs since someone’s gotta design, print, and distribute all the new calendars for everyone. It would also make shift work run more smoothly. Rotting away in a cubicle or working hard labor for 5 days straight is overrated anyway. Also, I like the design of the number 8 better than the number 7 since it’s infinite which is similar to life. The number 7 just seems too demeaning. Another good thing about adding an extra day to the week is that it would stimulate the economy since having those 2 extra days off every week would make people more apt to spend money to enjoy their time. Bars, clubs, beaches, and concert halls, sporting events, travel companies, and retail stores would make much more money and so would the food and drink industries. How’s that for decreasing the deficit Mr. President? Think about this; you would have 3 solid nights of drinking every week and not have that depressing feeling of waking up to go to work the next day if that’s your thing. The possibilities are endless!

If this could be put into reality, I believe it would do a lot of good for all of us. We all need to realize that ideas are the only thing we have left as a species so let’s start brainstorming and coming up with our own evolution. What do we have to lose? A boring and strenuous work week…every week? Sounds to me like we could lose that pretty easily if we get out heads together. Think about all of the things you’d finally have time for and also think about how the idea of work wouldn’t be working against us anymore.

God I’m desperate for a change of pace.

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