The Day-To-Day Trials Of Being A Tall Woman


Being tall can be a great thing, but for those of us who didn’t quite make the cut for having the exact bone structure or body fat percentage to be models, above average height is sometimes more of a burden than it is a blessing. While some might see this as silly, I’m sure my fellow towering women will be able to relate and understand that the struggle is, indeed, real.

Your Height Is Always The Topic Of Conversation

When you’re 5 feet 9 inches or taller, there’s a 90 percent chance that someone trying to hit on you will ask you how tall you are as a means of starting a conversation. To everyone out there who tries to use this tactic: the last thing we want to do when we’re out at a bar trying to forget about how much we hate our jobs is talk about our bodies. I used to get instantly annoyed and walk away, but this seemed to cause more problems as said suitor would usually see my eye roll and mistake it for insecurity. I’ve found a more entertaining tactic is to respond by saying you’re 5 feet 5 inches-ish. That way, he or she will usually get the hint, and you can quickly move onto the next topic or allow the suitor to buy you a drink.

Skirts/Dresses/Shorts Instantly Look Scandalous

I could be wearing the same exact outfit as a friend and walk down the same street, right next to her, and I’ll bet my life’s savings (or what’s left of it) that I’ll have more shade and inappropriate comments thrown my way. Finding myself the target of haters usually warrants a solid hair flip and wave goodbye, but I can’t, nor should I have to, stand idly by when the comments become aggressive and highly sexualized. I choose to take these less than ideal situations as opportunities to display female empowerment, often times reminding the haters that I wear my clothes for me and that they can go shave their backs now.

Looking Ridiculous In Pictures With Shorter Friends

Pretty self-explanatory. Standing in the middle of a group as a means to balance out the picture and make the height difference less recognizable usually doesn’t work. You just end up with a whole lot of empty space around your head, which makes cropping extremely difficult. In addition, you’re almost guaranteed a full body shot, so pressure’s always on.

People Tell You Super Obvious Things And Ask Dumb Questions

Your family, who you have seen every year during the holidays for the last 23 years, never fails to make an, “Oh my goodness, you’re just so tall!” comment every. Single. Year. Again, your height as a conversation topic just gets boring and slightly uncomfortable at times, especially when you run out of things to say. Other questions tall women tend to dread include “How did you get so tall?” or “How do you wear heels?” My favorite is, “You’ll find a man taller than you someday, don’t you worry!” Well, either I come from a line of tall people, or–wait, that’s the only reason how. Shocker! I wear heels by placing my feet in them and walking, and I was never too worried about finding a man, but now that I know that I MUST find someone taller than me, I’ll start searching as soon as possible.

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