The British Stereotypes Of Each State In America Are Brutally Honest

The British Stereotypes Of Each State In America Are Brutally Honest

We are all too familiar with the Google autocomplete feature that is based on frequent searches of your keywords. Well, someone found a way to zero in on United Kingdom searches of US states and some painful autocompletes came up. They used “Why is [state] so” and recorded the top autocomplete. They aren’t always true, but that’s up to us to decide.

Some notable results are as follows:

Missouri: Racist

After Ferguson and all the racial controversy surrounding Mizzou, this isn’t surprising. Fair or not, and I lean towards not, the bulk of news surrounding Missouri has generally focused on racial issues. On the bright side, you got a pass on Todd Akin.

The Deep South (Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi): Poor and stupid

This has long been a stereotype of the Deep South since before Jim Crow. As someone who grew up in Atlanta and has traveled across the South, I can see how the rural, poor, uneducated stereotype came to be, and unfortunately it’s still true in many parts of the region. However, it’s also a great place to live and its low cost of living and business friendly environment has drawn a population shift of educated professionals and entrepreneurs to the South, especially Atlanta. That means more jobs. So we’re getting less poor and stupid.

Florida: Bad

True. Gators wear jean shorts. Also, see the “Florida Man” Twitter account. There are some rad places in Florida, but in many ways it’s like America’s own prison colony.

Arizona/Alaska: Hot/Cold

No shit.

Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio: Important

Obviously swing states are labeled as important in the news as they are talked about over and over during the presidential elections. Outside of elections, with the exception of some remaining industry in Ohio, these states really aren’t that important.

Wisconsin: Drunk

Laughed again. Germans, Irish, and beer. And what else is there to do up there?

New Jersey: Hated

Jersey Shore, Chris Christie, the movie Garden State. Enough said.

Illinois: Broke

The historical shit show of corrupt Chicago politicians have brought to the world’s attention what a ridiculous amount of debt a local government can rack up.

California: Rich

California has the largest GDP of any state in the union. That said, it’s also ridiculously deep in debt and companies and rich people are pouring out of the state to dodge the tax increase implemented to fix their debt problem. Even high profile liberals like Bill Maher have threatened to leave the state over the tax rate. A lot of rich, famous people still live there, especially in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, certain parts of Los Angeles, and Orange County. I love me some coastal L.A., but I’m not sure how rich I could become with that cost of living unless I start the next Instagram or become the next George Clooney.

I wouldn’t get too excited about these stereotypes even if they hit too close to home, because this is the British. We beat them in two wars and bailed them out of another two. Their opinion on our country only deserves to be taken with a grain of salt. But maybe we need to start looking at, well, how we portray ourselves to the world.

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