The 6 Women You’ll Have Sex With After College


Ah, sex. You’re not having any…at least not anymore. It’s difficult to find a sexual partner after college; that’s no lie. Still, we’re human and we require affection and, with few exceptions, everyone we hook up with after college probably fits into six convenient categories.

The Childhood Friend

There’s really nothing more cathartic than finally hooking up with someone you’ve always had a crush on. I can remember going to a grade school reunion (yeah, those exist) and telling a girl that I used to have a crush on her. Twenty minutes later we were naked, doing gland-to-gland combat. It was the best sex I think I’ve ever had outside of a relationship. The sweet release of 10+ years of pent-up sexual desire in one glorious coitus session. It’s beautiful, really.

Your Ex

You jackass. Chalk it up to a moment of weakness. This accomplishes nothing; she thinks you’re getting back together now. If you really want to take the idiocy up a notch, make sure you pass out in her bed. She’ll wake you up and try to have morning sex with you and every fiber in your penis will be telling you to run away. There’s nothing wrong with white-washing your ex’s guts just “one last time”.

The One Who Wants More

Stage-five clinger. Stalker. Crazy person. Call it what you will, but she’s the best example of why you’ve gotta have the DTR talk after a few sexes. You like dredging her fishing cove once or twice a week, but you’ve never really wanted to be seen in public with her. Not that she’s ugly or anything, but outside of your bi-weekly orgasms with her, there’s not a spark. You don’t feel anything. At some point, you’ll just feel obligated to have sex with her and then all the fun’s gone. This is going to end once she realizes she has no romantic future with you whatsoever. You will always see this girl out at the bars. It’s just a fact of nature.

After-Hours Fuck Buddy

She’s similar to the previous lady, but just a little more on the chill side and you’ll never see her during the light of day. You’re both in need. You’re both desperate enough to be intimate, but casual enough not to know where the other person works. No conversations, just texting and cave-diving into her crevasse. I’ve seen AHFB relationships go on for years with neither side budging or ever wanting to DTR because both sides are so DTF, IYKWIS. I respect this relationship more than any kind of other sexual partnership because they’re usually the most realistic, upfront relationships and lack the blind optimism of traditional boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

A Coworker

“You fucking idiot,” is the common response you’ll get after disclosing that you put some ranch dressing on a coworker’s fish taco ― but not so fast, my friend. Fifty-four percent of employees have admitted to sleeping with a coworker. I’ve done it. It’s fun. Your dating pool is spread so paper thin that the only options you have left at the end of the day are the moderately attractive people you work with and they get hotter as each day passes. There’s a bit of danger to it and most companies really don’t give a shit, AS LONG AS you don’t bring it into the office or your company doesn’t have an HR policy against it. The emotions you’ll feel after hooking up with a coworker are a mix between a sick sense of accomplishment and whatever is going on with Carrie Matheson 95% of the time.

Your Wife


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TheChampionsTour (@ChampsTourTFM) is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems, Rowdy Gentleman, and Total Frat Move .

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