The 4 Typical Female Tattoos That Have Got To Go


About 80 percent of the time, tattoos are great. They’re tasteful, meaningful, and an awesome piece of detailed artwork. I’m a huge believer that if you want your body to be a canvas, who am I to judge? Go to fucking town with it. However, tattoo artists everywhere judge every Pinterest girl who walks through the door with one of the following super “creative” tattoos in mind. As the artist sighs, knowing his skills are once again to go unchallenged, he reluctantly inks you with what will later be a huge mistake. Think long and hard before getting a tattoo, because in 10 years, you will want to tell your once 18-year-old self that “apparently they’re permanent.”

A Feather Or A Dandelion That Breaks Off Into, Like, A Flock Of Birds Or Something

For a free spirit, you really lack creativity. I don’t mean to sound chastising, but come on. When I see this tattoo, I want to literally scream because I have a feeling you tell everyone that this is a symbol for being able to fly or that it’s about freedom or some other kind of nonsense. In reality, we all know you were scrolling through the Interwebs, saw it, fell in love, and booked your tat appointment. I can sympathize because it looks freaking awesome when done right. However, it’s been done right about a billion times already.

Bible Or Other Holy Text Quotes Found On Google

Religious tattoos are an absolutely fantastic idea if your religion is a big part of who you are. When you read your holy text of choice and see a line that is extremely powerful and speaks to you, then by God, permanently stamp that on your body. But if you find yourself turning to search the web for “awesome bible quotes for tattoos,” stop right where you are. A Psalm number on your wrist is not a ticket to heaven. You think heaven cares what is drawn on your body? I’ve never been, but I can’t imagine they do. However, a holy text citation or symbol on your body that constantly reminds you how you want to make decisions every day is an absolutely incredible reason to get a tattoo. Recognize the difference. If you can’t spit the quote out when I ask you what the citation stands for, then just don’t get it.

A Dreamcatcher

You wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these hanging above your bed after the age of 12, so why would you permanently put it on your body? Okay, you’re a dreamer who believes that the sky is the limit or blah, blah, blah. Neato. Let’s think of a way to capture that on your epidermis in a different way than the thousands of people who did before you, because they think it’s representational of something they can’t really defend. Actually, inquiring about a female’s dreamcatcher tattoo is the number one proven way to get her to talk in circles.

An Infinity Symbol With A Word Written In Cursive

You’re gonna love for infinity. You’re gonna life for infinity. You’re gonna faith for infinity. You’re gonna insert cliché word here until you die. Is that morbid? That’s morbid. I had a math teacher once who had the infinity symbol tattooed on her wrist because she freaking loved math, and the infinity symbol is, well, a symbol of mathematical proportions. I’ll let her slide on this one. But something about the cursive writing of a basic word in an even more basic symbol makes the world give you a collective eye roll. I’m sure this tattoo has a deeper meaning for you, and in reality, that’s all that matters. However, it tells the world that this deeper meaning is not important enough to you for you to come up with a unique idea.

Note from the author: I have one of the above tattoos permanently inked on my body from around my 17th birthday when I got my first fake ID. Naturally, I tested it out at the tattoo parlor instead of the liquor store, because I was scared of going to jail. I’m so guilty and with you, typical girls of Pinterest. (Also, if you’re reading this Mom, I’m totally kidding.)

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Topanga is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems. Lover of red wine, mediocre gossip, and Corey's whipped ass.

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