The 20 U.S. Cities That Pay The Highest Salaries

The 20 U.S. Cities That Pay The Highest Salaries

If you wince every time it’s your turn to pick up the group brunch tab, it may be time to start thinking about asking for a raise. Where you live makes a big difference in the salary you make, so if your boss isn’t too keen on giving you that cost of living raise, it may be time to start looking outside the box. Luckily, Business Insider released their list of the 20 best U.S. cities to live in based on which ones pay the highest median wages. It may be time to think about using some of those free travel points you’ve been hoarding away, because some of these places are pretty awesome.

20. Santa Rosa, CA: $49,800
19. Chicago, IL: $50,410
18. Portland, OR: $50,710
17. Houston, TX: $50,830
16. Worcester, MA: $51,330
15. Philadelphia, PA: $51,740
14. Sacramento, CA: $51,970
13. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: $52,080
12. Baltimore, MD: $52,460
11. Los Angeles, CA: $53,000
10. San Diego, CA: $53,020
9. Denver, CO: $53,060
8. New Haven, CT: $53,350
7. Hartford, CT: $55,580
6. Seattle, WA: $57,370
5. New York City, NY: $59,060
4. Boston, MA: $60,540
3. Washington DC: $64,930
2. San Francisco, CA: $64,990
1. San Jose, CA: $75,770

Time to pack up my bags and move to California? Well, not quite. These medians don’t account for the cost of living, which means that if you’re living in San Francisco on $65K a year, you might as well be flipping burgers with everyone else from your hometown who dropped out of community college. However, assuming you’re in a more lucrative career, this higher median wage can only help you out. If your employer turns out to be a little too stingy with those annual cost-of-living raises, it may be time to start looking around – I hear Houston is just lovely this time of year.

[via Business Insider]

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