The 10 Emo Songs That Helped You Through Every Middle School Breakup


First of all, I omitted every Blink-182 song from this list, because they would have filled up eight of the top 10 songs. Sorry. Here are the tunes we rocked out to in our bedrooms on our boomboxes and Walkmans during our most awkward years.

10. “Mr. Brightside,” The Killers

In retrospect, this song makes no sense. However, the catchy riffs and insane music video perfectly described your “romance” with your eighth grade girlfriend, Samantha, who gave you your first OTPHJ. Now she has two kids and is still unmarried.

9. “Best Of You,” Foo Fighters

After you and Samantha broke up, she immediately started dating your “best friend” Michael. This song put your pain into lyrical form.

8. “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” Green Day

I’m pretty sure any Green Day song could make this list, but this one’s golden. Even though “the old Green Day is so much better,” you took up guitar and finally learned a butchered version of the intro to this song.

7. “Be My Escape,” Relient K

This was one of your first dabbles into the genre, and your parents were cool with it because Relient K’s a Christian band.

6. “Ohio Is For Lovers,” Hawthorne Heights

The dangling microphone music video kept you on your toes as it played every 10 minutes on Fuse.

5. “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team),” Taking Back Sunday

This is my personal favorite. The title alone was emo enough for you to buy one of their sweet band T-shirts at Hot Topic. You would sing, “Why can’t I feel anything from anyone other than you?” over and over again–pure poetry. This song helped you get over Courtney, who dumped you on AIM.

4. “My Friends Over You,” New Found Glory

I can’t tell you how many away messages on AIM featured this song. You probably sat in one of your friend’s basements playing Madden 2004 with this on repeat.

3. “Taste Of Ink,” The Used

This song is actually still good. It was one of the first songs in your repertoire featuring the “F” word. Watching a music video with a heroin addict run around when your parents weren’t home was the norm for this one.

2. “Fat Lip,” Sum 41

This is quite possibly the coolest song of all time. The punk-rap combo with a facemelting intro had you thrashing around in your ultra-ripped Abercrombie jeans, and you know it.

1. “Ocean Avenue,” Yellowcard

Pretty self explanatory. If you don’t know every word to this song, you suck.

Now, unleash your angst at your desk through the power of all these songs on one playlist.

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