The 10 Best Male Seduction And Flirtation Methods

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We’ve heard about the best seduction and flirtation methods ladies use when we want to let a guy know we’re into him. This list is necessary because, according to the writer, “the majority of guys are horrible at picking up signals from women.” Well, if dudes are that oblivious to our feminine wiles, we probably also need to tell them which signals they should send to us, right? Not to mention, we ladies are equally as clueless, so we undoubtedly need some help recognizing the signs on our end.

The Chin Lift/Drink Salute

For some reason, I find it super creepy when a guy winks at me from across the bar. I mean, does he have a nervous twitch or is that a purposeful move directed at me? When the choice is between a spasm and a come on, I’m likely going to choose spasm every time. The chin lift/drink salute is a much safer move for dudes, and a surer sign for us ladies. The subtle lift of the chin along with the tip of the beer bottle in my direction tells me pretty unequivocally that he wants to converse. Or something.

The Hand Cover

It’s no secret that girls like to hold hands, but I may find it too forward if you try to hold my hand the first time we meet. Actually, odds are, I’ll run away. A safer bet along the same lines for a guy to show his interest is the hand cover. If we are sitting at a table or at a bar, all a guy has to do is simply put his hand over mine for a minute or two and I’ll melt into a little puddle of want and probably let him touch some other places later.

The Active Listening/Eye Contact Combo

One of the best seduction moves a guy can make is to actually pay undivided attention to a girl when she’s talking. Total eye contact during the course of the conversation and actively listening (asking questions, repeating back details, etc.) can be a total turn on for us. The only exception to him breaking eye contact should be to look down at my boobs. I mean, he’s only human, right? I understand that.

The Face Touch

I don’t mean a random dude should touch my face. If he does that, he’s a fucking weirdo. But if a guy touches his own face when he’s talking to a girl, it’s supposedly a sign that he’s really listening to what she has to say. So if he’s stroking his chin or his beard while you’re talking, he’s into you. If he’s stroking something else, he’s probably still into you, but he’s also a perv. Particularly if you are in public.

The Forehead Kiss

Sure, making out is great. Big, big fan. But the forehead kiss is an underappreciated move. Depending on a girl’s mood, a gentle forehead kiss could get a guy more action than trying to play tonsil hockey.

The Hair Tuck

Given all of the hair tossing a girl does in an attempt to get a guy to notice her hotness, she’s bound to have a strand or two out of place. One of the best moves a dude can pull is to reach out and smooth it back into place or tuck it behind her ear. I once had a guy tuck my long bangs behind my ear so he could see my eyes while we were talking. We did a lot more than talking later that night.

The Chest Puff

Girls have boobs, guys have pecs. If they’re lucky. Similar to the way that girls stick out our boobs when we’re trying to catch a guy’s attention, guys will puff out their chest if they are trying to get a girl’s interest. So when their shoulders go back and their pecs come forward, a girl can be sure that she’s halfway to reeling him in.

The Hand On The Small Of The Back

Apparently, the small of a lady’s back is an undiscovered erogenous zone. It could be that he’s simply guiding her to the table or moving her out of the way of some drunks in the bar. But whatever manner it’s done in, a survey of my lady friends deemed this a quality seduction move, and I completely agree. The last guy I slept with slid his hand onto the small of my back, under my blazer but over my shirt, at the bar. We were horizontal in a hotel bed less than 20 minutes later.

The Accidental Dick Brush

Maybe he’s just reaching past you to put his glass on the bar or slipped by you to go to the restroom. But whatever he was doing, you clearly felt his…shall we say, pulsating interest? If it was big enough that you felt it when he brushed by you, you need to see it up close and personal. Pronto.

The Purposeful Dick Grind

Not exactly a subtle sign when a guy grinds his dick on your leg or ass, but hey, at least he’s upfront about what he’s looking for. If you like what you feel, get on it. Literally.

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Jenna Crowley

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