The Millennial Obsession With Texting Will Probably Kill Business Calls Forever

The Millennial Obsession With Texting Will Probably Kill Business Calls Forever

Whether your preferred method of communication is iMessage, Snapchat, e-mail, or Facebook Messenger, one thing is for certain – it is almost definitely not a standard phone call. The phone call is inconvenient, outdated, impossible to conduct privately while in public, and full of small talk that we would much rather choose to ignore. Instead, we send our communications through text-based messages, where we have the time to create exactly the message we want to send at our convenience to arrive at our recipient instantaneously. Gone are the days of phone tag and awkward voicemails; instead, we’ve chosen to replace them with a quiet smartphone notification that can be viewed and reviewed at leisure.

While text-based messages have taken over nearly all of our communications, one exception remains: business. Many Gen X supervisors prefer phone calls scheduled on Outlook and weekly conference calls, but as more millennials enter the workforce and rise up in its ranks, the way we communicate at work is changing to meet our needs. According to an eWeek study, 80 percent of respondents said that they utilize texting for business purposes, and as time continues, I can only see this number increasing.

As Forbes reports, many times phone calls in the workplace only exist because of the difference in generations: while our predecessors may feel that e-mail is a nuisance and prefer to speak on the phone, our generation would much rather send a text or an e-mail and move on in a much more convenient fashion. As millennials make up a larger and larger percentage of the workforce; however, we may see the phone call die for good when we finally get to the corner office. Get ready to unplug your work phone and never deal with setting up an office voicemail again – just be prepared when Gen Z eventually starts complaining about your refusal to hologram into your weekly team meetings. After all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

[via Forbes]

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