‘Temps’ Tackles The “What Are We?” Dating Question Like No Movie You’ve Seen

'Temps' Tackles The "What Are We?" Dating Question Like No Movie You've Seen

What makes a relationship a “relationship?” Seriously, what changes after the exclusive word is dropped, and things get official? Do you start staying in together on the weekend to binge watch some average show that only one of you is interested in and cook elaborate meals from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook? Maybe.

But what if what makes a relationship a “relationship” isn’t a change in behavior, but rather a change in how these two people are viewed by their friends, family, God and all of the honest world? I know plenty of couples that gave in and took on the relationship title despite the fact that they were completely happy living in the moment and not rushing into things. Why would anyone do this? Societal norms, I guess. We’ve all heard it before:

“When are y’all going to make it official?”

“What’s going on with the two of you?”

It only takes hearing anything remotely close to those questions a handful of times before you start buying into it and demanding that you and your one and only start wearing badge lanyards that say “In a Relationship,” or just becoming Facebook official *cringe*. I’m assuming most of you are nodding your head in agreement and mouthing “Yep. I’ve been that guy/gal.”

That’s why every person that’s seen Temps on iTunes has found it to be relatable as hell. Not only are you getting the classic conundrum of hooking up with someone you work with, but that burning question of when two happy people should try to define a good thing is key throughout the movie. Even Entertainment Tonight is jumping into bed with ‘Temps’ with this exclusive look.

There are few times when it’s acceptable to get hammered and eat ice cream on your kitchen floor, and that’s one of them.

We’ve written on here that “Defining The Relationship” is a thing girls do after graduation, but we’re not shortsighted enough to think that girls are the only to clamor for relationship labels. Sorry, but dudes are just as guilty. That’s another thing about this movie: it’s honest, and sometimes brutally so.

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