Subway Workers Share Their Most Ridiculous Sandwich Requests On Reddit


Subway loves to pretend that they’re the healthiest restaurant on the face of the earth, but I can guarantee that if you were bored enough and observed the orders of Subway patrons everyday, you would see the true, disgusting underbelly of the world’s largest sandwich conglomerate.

Sure enough, Reddit uncovered the unholiest of sandwich combos that Subway workers have encountered over the years. Hopefully, you’re not eating right now.

“A girl ordered a footlong flatbread with just olives and extra mayo. It was 10 in the morning.”

“FINALLY, a question I can honestly answer. I’ve worked at Subway for over 2 years.

An older couple walks in. The husband has health issue and the wife won’t let him get cookies. They fight about it the entire time they’re in line. The wife steps away to use the restroom. The husband leans in and frantically whispers “I want those mother fucking cookies, smash them in my sandwich before she comes back”.

So I did. I watched him eat the entire thing with the biggest smile on his face. It was awesome…and gross.”

I have a friend who gets what he calls a “soup wich.”

Footling honey wheat, turkey, chicken, American cheese, lettuce, banana peppers, black olives, red onion, a few jalapeños, and EVERY SINGLE SAUCE.

He doesn’t just tell the person making the sandwich he wants every sauce though. He pauses after every sauce, contemplates, and then says the next one. He even does both versions of a sauce if it has a lite version.

By the time the sandwich is done it is just leaking fluid. They usually try and put it in one of the salad containers for him otherwise it would just be a huge mess.

I was at subway with a good friend of mine and his Dad. His Dad gets to the sauce part and says, “Okay, I want a lot of mayo. Like, a lot.” The chick goes to squirt some mayo on there and the cap pops off dumping what I would estimate to be about a cup and a half of mayo on this sandwich. She says sorry and turns around to get more bread and dispose of the sandwich and he somewhat frenetically stops her and says that he’ll take it as is, and that it is perfect.

I didn’t eat much of my sub after that.

Oh joy! A use for those 3+ years!

Keep in mind I’m used to just about any random sandwich combination having worked in three different stores with interesting regulars. There’s the guy who basically got a full cambro of black olives on his sandwich every god damn time he came in (he wasn’t supposed to be allowed, but I just marveled at how many he got and did it because… well not many people get them anyways) and the guy who sometimes got salads where the lettuce was replaced with jalapenos, but…

One time I’m working and a guy comes in and I ask him what he wants. He gets a foot long worth of bread but says he wants nothing on it. So I ask “Veggie?” and head over to the veggie area – and we just stare at each other and I realize he meant nothing. So just as I’m about to tell him that I’d have to charge him for a veggie if he just wants the bread (I assumed for something else, as people tend to ask from time to time) he asks for salt and pepper. I pause for a moment and put it on. Maybe he doesn’t have any at home and wants some on. But then he asks for more. And more. And more.

There’s now a very strong layer of salt and pepper, as visible as if it were meat laid end to end and keep in mind there are holes in the bread so there’s even more hiding. And then he pays for it, sits down and eats it. The whole thing.

I can’t even. That’s just the one thing that has stuck with me… there were many odd cases working at Subway for this long.

Former subway employee here. There was a mother who came in daily to get a 12 inch for her son. Tuna with feta cheese, toasted, and then LOADS of ketchup and sweet onion sauce on top. Revolting. She said it was one of the only things she could get her teen son to eat.


I think this user gets down to the heart of the issue on why people are so ridiculous at Subway:

Its a power thing. Watching minimum wage workers put a sandwich together for you right in front of your eyes. Telling them exactly what you want, and watching their brow furrow as they try to process how a man can want so much onion on his sandwich.


If you’ve got some time on your hands, I suggest going through it yourself. There are a ton of gems in there about the depraved sandwich orders of America.

[via Reddit]

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