Study Shows That Wearing A Suit Changes Your Whole Perspective On Shit

Study Shows That Wearing A Suit Changes Your Whole Perspective On Shit

Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man. It’s a fact. I mean, they come running just as fast as they can.

It’s no secret that suiting up gives you that swag on 100 feeling. Now science is backing that up. According to a recent study, putting on formal attire makes us feel powerful and alters the way we perceive the world. Makes sense. If you’ve ever gone out to a bar after a wedding with a group, you’re nodding your head right now. The post-wedding after partier at the local bar is the most obnoxious human not named Gwyneth Paltrow. Such an undeserved feeling of elitism, but I’ll take it, though.

Per The Atlantic:

Rutchick and his co-authors found that wearing clothing that’s more formal than usual makes people think more broadly and holistically, rather than narrowly and about fine-grained details. In psychological parlance, wearing a suit encourages people to use abstract processing more readily than concrete processing.

Makes sense. You put a suit on me, you’re lucky if I make eye contact with you, let alone talk to you. Unless you wanna rap about startups, oil and gas, or venture capital, leave me alone.

Here’s how the experiments went down:

The first two had student participants show up without any sartorial instructions, rate the formality of the outfit they happened to be wearing, and then take some tried-and-true cognitive tests to determine their processing styles. In these tests, self-rated formality correlated with the favoring of abstract processing. But since, in the words of the researchers, “the students on this campus tend to dress casually,” explicit instructions to come to the lab with formalwear were required to get students to not show up with sweatpants alone. When subjects who changed into “clothing you would wear in a job interview” took similar cognitive tests, they demonstrated more abstract processing than the group that sported “clothing you would wear to class.” That was a result that allowed the researchers to arrive at a causal link.

Alright, a simple “Dudes who wore suits thought they were badass” would’ve sufficed, but that’s fine. If I were to sit back and really think about it, I’d venture to say that the majority of the mistakes I’ve made as an adult were made while wearing a suit. Most of them started with, “Yeah, I’ll go to that other bar.” Nothing life altering, but just your standard questionable choices.

Start wearing a suit. That’s it. Yeah, you’re decision making will be slightly altered, but you’ll look cool as fuck and will be confident in whatever you’re doing. No skinny ties, though.

[via The Atlantic]

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