Stop Cyberbullying Dudes On Tinder

Are Girls on Tinder Cyberbullies?

I think the fact that I’m always crazy late catching up to what the kids (anyone under 30) do has worked in my favor when it comes to Tinder. By the time I heard about it, everyone was making faces full of disgust and saying, “Ew, Tinder,” so I never joined. I consider myself lucky, because apparently it’s become cool on the interwebs to make fun of guys on Tinder. Now before you get all butthurt and complain about me being a “meninist” or anything like that, I feel like I should state that no woman deserves to be ridiculed, pressured, or harassed by strange men.

That being said, can these guys get a fucking break?! I’ve noticed a ton of stories being posted about different ways to humiliate guys who you talk to on Tinder, and that shit is terrifying. I’ve seen posts about seeing how guys react when you only respond to them using quotes from Disney movies, or Taylor Swift lyrics, which sounds pretty fucking irritating if you ask me. There was also some chick who felt like complaining about how there are only hipsters on Tinder in Brooklyn, and how dissatisfied she was with that. Her issue bothered me too, but I’m more concerned about Brooklyn being overrun by hipsters than anything. Don’t give a shit about whether or not the borough she decided to move to doesn’t provide her with a satisfactory dating pool.

Most of the posts like this that I’ve seen not only consist of whining about how much they don’t enjoy the guys on Tinder, which is pointless in my opinion, but some of them also leave these guys’ names and pictures visible, which is pretty fucked up. I’d like to think that if I’m using an app, whether it is to make friends, date, or screw random people, my privacy would be respected, and I wouldn’t be exposed on the internet for a few clicks and chuckles. If I had an affinity for risky, random ho shit, I probably wouldn’t tell my coworkers, and I’d also probably prefer if no one else did. Use some goddamn discretion, for fuck’s sake.

I think my favorite example of people conducting social experiments on Tinder is this one, where some guy hacked the app and did some techy shit to match straight guys with other straight guys, who appear to each other as girls. Considering that tons of women complain about how vulgar and one-track-minded the guys on Tinder are (they mainly focus on banging you), I think the results were fucking hilarious. These dudes were propositioning each other hard as fuck, and the best part is that the other bros were totally DTF (until they realized they were talking to other men). Ladies, at least now you know that if you decide to approach a guy the same way guys approach you, chances are you’ll get penetrated… if that’s what you’re looking for, of course.

If hooking up with strangers isn’t exactly your thing, that’s totally understandable, but don’t shame the people who are. We’ve all always been told to treat people how we’d like to be treated ourselves, and apparently some people are pretty cool with the course of a date consisting of ‘Meet. Grope. Head. Doggy.’ Let these men and their raging, indiscriminate hormones live!

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