Spotify Premium Has Revolutionized My Entire Working Life And I’m Not Ashamed To Admit It

Spotify Premium Has Revolutionized My Entire Working Life And I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It

I don’t consider myself, by nature, to be a risky person when it comes to spending money. I tend to save when I can and budget in a way that seems reasonable to me and my needs. It’s a very pragmatic process: I get a paycheck, I put a chunk into my savings, and the rest is allotted in proper measurements toward beer, rent, and sushi. I don’t have a lot of extra to toss around on frivolous things, and for the most part, I just don’t buy them. (For the record, I absolutely do not consider beer or sushi frivolous. Those are necessities.) If there’s a free version of something available, the chances are high that I’ll go with that and not bother with the upgraded, non-free version. The perfect example of this is Spotify, the free version of which I used consistently and with relative happiness—until I started working full time.

Before I started working, I used the free version of Spotify when I was studying and working out, and it didn’t seem like a huge deal. But the times when I was working out or studying for eight hours straight or longer were few and far between. When I started working, I needed something that would distract me a little more. Nothing prepared me for the exquisite torture of being shut in a fluorescently lit room day in, day out with nothing to entertain me but work (which I obviously was going to do as little of as possible).

Suddenly, the music I listened to became more than music. My headphones provided me with a mecca of freedom and safety, an oasis that transported me from my cubicle to somewhere sunny and boozy, or anywhere I wasn’t sitting in a chair that smelled like someone else’s sweat and potato chips. I didn’t have time or energy anymore to deal with the commercials that interrupted that precious listening time, or the way Spotify peppered in “suggested songs” outside of the playlist I was listening to. Their weird-ass suggestions jolted me and totally threw off my working vibe. I didn’t need suggestions. I needed freedom. So I adulted up, and I bought a subscription to Spotify Premium. It’s not that expensive, especially since I got the first three months for less than a dollar a month, which is affordable for someone who doesn’t even have a job. Now, the first three months have come and gone and it takes about ten dollars out of my bank account every single month — and I’m addicted.

This shit has changed my fucking life. That is not an exaggeration. I wish it were, honestly, because what kind of life am I living if something so simple can make such an impact? I guess whoever said “it’s the little things in life that matter” was absolutely correct. Spotify Premium is magic in my ears. I can listen to almost any song I want. The best part: I can download any song I want. I can listen to a new song, decide I like it, and download it to my music to save for all eternity. I can download entire albums if I want to, then create my own playlists specially fine-tuned for whatever shitty situation at work I’m in. Every Friday, Spotify creates a new playlist, New Music Friday, and it’s fucking bomb. I always end up downloading, like, half of it to my own library. Probably the best part, though, is the fact that I can skip any song I want. If something comes up on New Music Friday that sounds like trash, I skip it. Sometimes I hit the skip button over and over just because I can, because it gives me some illusion of control over my life. I can sit in my office, reading an email from my boss demanding that I do something that I know I’ll eventually have to do, and skip a song, or a hear a new one that blows my mind.

This is my life. Judge me all you want, but Spotify Premium makes it brighter.

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