Peeple Is The “Yelp For People” App That Lets You Rate Anyone In The World

Peeple Is The "Yelp For People" App Lets You Rate Anyone In The World

An unreleased app, Peeple, will come out in November that will seemingly let you rate, well, anyone. As if there aren’t enough reasons already on the internet to feel completely awful about yourself, we can add this one to the list.

Per The Cut:

Billed as a new “Yelp for people,” the app lets you review and assign a number rating to every person you know. It’s kind of like 2000s teen fave Hot or Not, but not just for your looks; people from your personal, professional, and romantic life can rate you as a person, or perhaps more accurately, a person-shaped object.

The app does come with some baseline rules to prevent Peeple from becoming the next frontier for rampant teen cyberbullying. For example: Negative reviews sit in a queue for 48 hours to give users time to contest them; sexism, profanity, and mentioning private health conditions are banned; and you have to be logged into your real Facebook profile in order to rate a person.

Okay, so, it sounds like there may be some form of hater blocking, but still, do I have to sit there and look at brutal comments about myself for two days before they get vetoed? That sounds fucking awful.

Another app, LuLu, had a similar premise except it was simply users rating members of the opposite sex for dating, relationship, and one-night stand purposes. Because I had my ex-girlfriend’s Facebook password, I obviously created a LuLu account a couple years ago so I could scope the general consensus on myself. I wasn’t all that bummed with the results, which were presented in #hashtag form.

#RespectsWomen — I mean, goes without saying. I identify with “girl brain” and I’m not an asshole.

#UnchartedTerritory — No idea. Maybe it’s because I loved the movie Life of Pi or something.

#StrongHands – Honestly, my hands aren’t that big and my grip maxes out at opening pickles. I’m not having any D2: The Mighty Ducks Adam Banks “I woke up, and the pain was gone,” moments anytime soon.

#FutureZuckerberg – Whatever. If some girl thinks I’m going to pocket billions then that’s fine by me. Luxurious vibes all day, every day.

#SummerSwoll – If being skinny-fat is what #SummerSwoll means, then yeah, call me #SummerSwoll all week and twice on Sunday.

#BedroomEyes – I’ve got lovable brown eyes. That’s a fact. These things are an ocean to get lost in.

Hey, maybe this new app won’t be so bad.

[via The Cut]

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