Some Guy Found A Four-Hour VHS Recording Of ’90s Afternoon TV And Put It On The Internet

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What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV?

Well, the first was rendered obsolete by supermarkets, the second was overtaken by migrant workers in trucks who could cover considerably more ground than some snot-nosed shit on a bike, but if you want the third, you can find it right here.

Yeah, that’s right. Some dude found an old VHS tape of TV from the 90s, specifically September 7th, 1990, and naturally put it on YouTube so you could have ALL the nostalgia-related feels. Considering this was a month, to the day, before I was born, I don’t have any specific nostalgia about that day, but I’m getting a TON of douche-chills from hearing Bob Barker asking people about the actual retail prices of items. You just can’t find classic showmanship like him anymore, that was (and still is) my go-to sick day TV show.

If this was the 90s, I’d just let you sit there and watch your damn TV patiently, but since this is the age of the internet, here are the times of each specific show, broken down.

0:00 – Wheel of Fortune
29:32 – The Price is Right
1:04:54 – Cut to Nick Jr.
1:06:33 – David the Gnome
1:35:04 – Adventures of the Little Koala
1:58:29 – Noozles
2:25:25 – Maya the Bee
2:49:07 – Cut to Fox’s Fun House
3:07:40 – Cut to Nickelodeon
3:08:43 – Think Fast
3:35:23 – Double Dare
4:04:40 – Dennis the Menace

Crazy that “Wheel of Fortune” is the only one of those shows still on the air in the same format as it was 24 years ago (“Price is Right” is still on, obviously, but Drew Carey took over for Bob Barker after his retirement in 2007). In fact, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have seemingly not aged a day since 1990. Cryogenic Freezing is getting more and more advanced every day, it seems.

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