Some Genius Figured Out A Way To Recreate An Old Game Boy On Steroids

Some Genius Figured Out A Way To Recreate An Old Game Boy On SteroidsImage via YouTube

If you’re anything like me, you drop everything you’re doing any time the opportunity to play one of your favorite childhood video games presents itself. The outdated graphics are relatively meaningless; the clunkier the handles and the tackier the soundtracks are, the better, we say.

YouTube user ‘wermy‘ has created a hack into the original Game Boy that opens the best of all worlds from all things ’90s gaming: the massive gray handheld device; a bright, colorful display; a six-button controller that includes both a left and right trigger; and the ability to play games from a variety of consoles, including the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis, and some arcade games.

Coined by ‘wermy’ as the Game Boy Zero, the magical Game Boy revamp runs almost entirely due to the newly installed internal processor called the Raspberry Pi Zero. I’m no baker, but I’m pretty sure one of these doesn’t involve picking any fruit from trees. According to Business Insider, the Raspberry Pi Zero is installed because “It’s a tiny computer far more powerful than the original Game Boy’s internals.”

Among its other 21st century smart phone-esque features that are major upgrades from the original Game Boy include a mini-HDMI port, a rechargeable battery, a micro-USB, and a new-and-improved (and much larger) composite screen.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.28.46 AM
Image via YouTube

Perhaps the most impressive tweak made by this genius, though, is the fact that he was able to install “maybe even thousands” of the ’90s most beloved games on to a microSD card within an awesomely bland and ordinary-looking gray Game Boy cartridge.

Image via Imgur

Man, this is starting to look too good to be true.

Image via Imgur

As a rather conservative millennial, I’ve caught myself making empty wishes for “the good ol’ days” on more than one occasion for the simpler times when a crappy black-and-white Tetris  that could barely fit in a backpack was king. Such a perspective is obviously a waste of time — the idea that anyone would ever go back to a life without iPhones makes me cringe.

What we really vie for when we say these stupid things is that we want a legitimate sentimental taste of our pre-adolescent lives back to create these #feelz. For the price of following an extremely complex series of YouTube videos from my main man wermy, we can all now achieve that goal.

[via YouTube]

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