Shut Up And Go Travel


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you immediately drifted off into daydream-mode, complete with a myriad of destinations, possibilities and dream-like scenarios of getting the eff out of your office and jet setting, I suggest you close this browser and head to your nearest airport and take off. If you need a little bit more convincing on why you should do so, allow me to provide said convincing.

Chances are you’re a young professional. If not, you’re on the wrong website. You’re probably not rolling in cash, but you have enough. You may have some student loans to pay back, but you’ll get to those eventually. For now, focus on your dreams and ambitions, not on your insurmountable debt. That will be looming for many, many years, so you might as well enjoy what money you do have in the present.

There are so many things to see in the world. But it’s not just what you see when you travel: it’s who you meet and what you feel while you’re exploring.

The friends you make whilst abroad will last a lifetime. There’s something about being stuck with someone for days at a time that makes you eventually like them. It’s like traveling Stockholm Syndrome, but way less terrifying. And even if you’re not on a group trip, if you befriend a local, it’s even better. Getting to see a city from a local’s perspective is priceless. Bonus points if you bang said local.

You could make a list of reasons why not to go: too expensive, no time, too much work, too tired. Those are lame excuses. You can travel to a ton of places for really cheap. Vacation days are a thing for a reason. Use them. If it’s too much work for you to plan a trip to a place you WANT to go to, I feel bad for you. And too tired and/or worried about work? You sicken me. Studies have even shown that just planning a trip, you don’t even have to go on it, is a good way to alleviate stress.

You’re young. You don’t have responsibilities. No wife, husband, kids or anyone depending on you. Imagine traveling anywhere at all, let alone out of the country, with a screaming child in tow. Not only are they annoying and a ton of work, you’re paying for a ticket for someone who won’t even fully appreciate the experience. Hard pass.
These are the few years you have to focus on you and you only. Explore the world while you still have cash to burn. Even if it’s only for a week, at least you’re escaping the mundane day-to-day lifestyle you swore you’d never live when you were a bohemian, free-spirited college student.

Beware: with travel comes the fear of constant wanderlust. Once you go one place, you need to see it all. The second you return, you will barely skip a beat before you’re scouring SkyScanner to find your next destination.

I shouldn’t even have to make this case in the first place. Go explore.

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Beer, music, hikes, nature. That's all I need. Oh, and money. I need that.

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