Seattle Doctor/Pioneer Suspended For Sexting During Surgery


“Hey baby, either I’ve got a subdural hematoma causing severe hallucinations, or you must be an angel. I’m Dr. Zilberstein, but you can just call me ‘Dr. Love.'”

I’m sure we’ve all had a hunky/sexy doctor fantasy at one point in our lives, I mean, “Grey’s Anatomy” is still inexplicably going strong after 11 seasons, but this might be a first: The Washington State Department of Heatlh has suspended a Seattle anesthesiologist for sexting and sending explicit selfies during surgery.

Yes, that’s right. Sexting during surgery. Pretty serious surgeries too: Cesarean deliveries, epidurals, tubal ligations, pediatric appendectomies, cardiac-probe insertions, and more. According to The Washington Post, during a cardiac probe insertion, he sent 26 texts “including explicit sexual comments,” but that PALES in comparison to the 45 he sent during a stomach surgery lasting an hour and a half. Most scarily, during one Cesarean section, he exchanged 18 texts with a sexual partner, including this gem: “I’m hella busy with C-sections.”

“HELLA BUSY” with C Sections. This is a man you’re trusting to cut you open and take out your BABY for you, ALIVE, either for medical reasons or so as to not ruin your VAGINA. I’m glad he at least recognizes that he’s “HELLA BUSY,” though.

Here’s the best part. I can’t make anything up that’s this funny, so I’ll leave it up to the Washington Post:

“And then there were the picture sexts. Zilberstein allegedly sent selfies to a patient while wearing his hospital badge and scrubs ā€” with his genitals exposed. The images were accompanied by some risque messages. In one text, he wrote: ‘Oh. And my partner walked in as I was pulling up my scrubs. Iā€™m pretty sure he caught me.'”

So this man quite literally had his dick and balls out during a major surgical procedure. HE EVEN GOT CAUGHT! And undeterred, just kept snapping away pictures of his family jewels and sending them to some bimbo who was probably only banging him because he’s, you guessed it, a doctor.

Ladies, do the people of the world a solid: If your man’s a doctor, and he’s performing important medical procedures, please just tell him to cool it until after he’s done CUTTING SOMEONE OPEN AND FIXING THE DAMAGE TO THEIR BODIES THAT MIGHT KILL THEM.

I’ll give him credit, this is quite a pioneering achievement in sexting.

[via The Washington Post]

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