Running The Combos Twitter Account Looks Like A Complete Beating

I commend anyone that works full-time in customer service. The customer is always right which, in return, means you’re never right. Every single day, you’re fielding questions and complaints about stuff that’s largely out of your control, yet you have to swallow your pride and admit fault. It’s ugly.

So for a major company like Combos, you’d have to imagine they get some pretty awful requests coming in on the phone, through email, and online. Me? I’m a huge Combos guy and could even be considered a “satisfied customer” by most standards. I love me some Pizzeria Pretzel flavored Combos when I’m butt-deep on the couch watching the game. I look forward to road trip pit stops where I can fuel up on some Buffalo Blue Cheese that’ll get me down the stretch. Sure, every once in a while I’ll get bum pack that I’d hope would be a little more full, but at the end of the day, if you’re indulging in some Combos, all your worries go away.

But every bunch of apples has some bad ones, which means Combos does somehow get complaints. Especially to their 3,569 follower Twitter feed. Where people are complaining about some insanely stupid shit.

A rock, dude? I’d understand if you were trying to complain about an overcooked fucking Combo, but that ain’t no rock, player. That’s the Combo equivalent of the blue-ish green chip at the bottom of the bag that you eat when no one’s looking. Don’t come into the Combo house touting that they’re putting rocks in your bag when they clearly aren’t.

Yeah, man. Totally. They’re just putting fucking actual sausage in the damn Combos. If you’re this worried about what you’re putting in your body, why the fuck you eating combos, dude? Sit back and enjoy the artificial pizza flavoring. But with only the class that Combos bring to the table, their representative handled it with grace – “Thanks for your question. Please contact our Consumer Care team for assistance: 1-800-862-6293.”

I understand that noted Twitter user Nick James Bitch has a gripe here. Dude probably bought some nacho cheese ‘Bos with starry eyes and a hopeful heart only to realize that one of his Combos was lacking the filling he desired. That truly sucks. But are you really going to make someone do the paperwork needed in order to get you a new bag? Shake my damn head. Why can’t you handle this situation with grace like other people?

Again, I get that Zapp Brannigan is pissed. But after Combos reached out in an effort to remedy the situation, she handled it perfectly.

“You’re good, Combos,” is music to my ears. And I’m sure to their Twitter account manager’s ears as well.

Not only did this dude find his Combo issue large enough for it to warrant a spot on his timeline, he even decided to make a fucking video and send it to Combos threatening legal action. Have you no chill, ItzAllDrama?

Perhaps the scum of Combos complainers is the bag truthers. Maybe if you didn’t open the bag with such force, it wouldn’t rip halfway down the side. I understand that you’re fixin’ for some ‘Bos but you have no one to blame but yourself when you find yourself in this situation.

You call this a mess? I’m sorry user Shiesty, but that’s a beautiful mess to me. It’s like the nacho version of Combos where there’s, like, a million money bites. You struck gold. That looks like the cookie dough batter you used to beg your mom to eat but weren’t allowed to because of the raw eggs. Getting a galaxy of conjoined Combos like that is similar to hitting the lottery.

At least this dude gets it.

[via Combos]

Image via Twitter

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Will deFries (Twitter / Instagram) is a Senior Editor at Grandex and the world's foremost authority on Sunday Scaries (Twitter / Instagram).

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