Remembering To Relax Is An Essential Part Of Your Daily Routine

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Wake up. Hit the gym. Grab a smoothie. Shower. Get dressed. Get to work early. Knock out everything you need to do. Make it to your career group’s luncheon. Go back to the office and crush all your meetings. Battle through the commute home. Go for a run. Make a bomb recipe you saw online for dinner. Clean up the kitchen. Do some laundry. Before you know it, it’s bed time.

Disclaimer: My daily routine goes as follows: Wake up. Shower. Drive to work. Do my job. Get some fried chicken for lunch. Do more work. Drive home. Sit on my Xbox until I go to bed.

Is there ever time for yourself anymore? Have you ever just taken a second to stop and think about how much shit you have to do? Usually that feeling settles in on a Sunday night, but it can hit you at any time. The anxiety builds, the stress grows, and soon all kinds of little things can trigger some pretty explosive reactions.

Sometimes people will drive under the speed limit in the left lane. Sometimes people will share really stupid political memes on Facebook. Sometimes your client will no-show. Sometimes everyone will show up late to a meeting. Sometimes people have really bad Twitter etiquette. Sometimes your AC will stop working. Sometimes your car won’t start in the morning. Sometimes that one person just won’t text you back. Sometimes you lose your debit card. Sometimes your team’s best player blows out their knee. Sometimes people will make fun of Miatas. Sometimes you will spill your marg. Sometimes your fajita just won’t sizzle.

Just relax.

Your life is not getting any slower. You are not nearing retirement anytime soon. You can’t touch that 401K for decades. You probably have a wedding somewhere in your future. With that will probably come kids. Your life is just going to continue to get busier, so get a grip on relaxing now. There are so many ways to do it.

Maybe you need a glass of pinot grigio on ice. Maybe you just need a Busch Light. Maybe you like to color to calm down. Maybe you have a go-to movie or watch some of your favorite episodes from The Office. Maybe you cuddle with your dog. Maybe you like to throw down in the kitchen when you are stressed. Everyone has their own way of coping.

The biggest thing you need to avoid is ignoring your stress. Every single millennial American is stressed out. We have student loan debt. We have crazy jobs. We have ridiculous rent. We have expectations set by our parents or others that may seem out of reach. We have pressure to get married and have a family and a house and live the American dream. It all starts to pile up, but we all go through it. Just take a breath. No worries. Hakuna Matata. We are all going through the same stuff. Embrace your stress. Embrace your anxiety. If it’s really bad, then go talk to someone about it! Mental health is just as important as physical health. The sooner you can get ahold of your stress, the easier it will all be.

So the next time your office mate gets a salad from the kebab truck outside that smells like two-week-old cat feces with a little bit of garlic, turns around with food falling out of his mouth and asks to borrow a napkin from your stash, just remember one thing:

It’s all good.

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