Recent College Grads Probably Don’t Make Enough Money To Live Anywhere

Recent College Grads Probably Don’t Make Enough Money To Live Anywhere

So you just graduated! Congrats! Welcome to the real world! It’s so great here, living the postgrad life. You’ll be free of the responsibilities of school, out in the world, making your own money, meeting (and sleeping with) new people.

Oh, fuck, who am I kidding? Sorry to break it to you, kids, but it’s a shit-show over here on this side of the fence. Dating’s a nightmare, getting laid is not as easy as it was when you were in school, your entry level job will likely suck, and lord knows you’ll only likely be making only slightly more than you did at that restaurant gig you had in high school. And according to a new study by Trulia, that sad little paycheck won’t get you much in the way of somewhere to live.

Trulia’s standard for affordability is no more than 31% of income going toward rent. Using that baseline, and the median salary for new grads in each city, the real estate website found that those of you who recently graduated can’t actually afford to live anywhere among the country’s twenty five largest rental markets. The five least affordable rental markets out of the top 25? Portland, OR; Riverside, CA; Orange County, CA, Miami, FL, and San Diego, CA. Even worse news? To be able to make the rent on the units available in these areas, most recent grads would need to have at least two roommates in a two bedrooms, meaning two people would need to share a room. Just when you thought those days were behind you…

So, if you’ve just graduated, where are the best places for you to head? Well, out of the top twenty-five rental markets, the study found that St. Louis, MO; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Phoenix, AZ. But even then, affordability is still an issue: the most affordable, St, Louis, only 18.6% of the available rental units are reasonable for recent grads under Trulia’s standards.

So what’s a recent graduate like you do? Well, you could move to outside of the top twenty-five rental markets, live in San Diego in a room with bunkbeds…or move home with Mom and Dad. At least with the last option, you’d get homecooked meals and your laundry done for free, right?

[via Huffington Post ]

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