Raven’s Ex-Boyfriend Rises From The Dead To Clap Back Amid Allegations That He Sucks In Bed

Raven's Ex-Boyfriend Rises From The Dead To Clap Back Amidst Allegations That He Sucks In Bed

No one took more Ls this week than Bachelor Raven’s ex-boyfriend, Hunter Henry. Raven made numerous claims on Monday’s episode that he had never given her an orgasm. She actually said the word “orgasm” so many times that it was as if she had just learned it that day on her Word of the Day calendar given to her by Nick. But since we’ve seen that Nick is a heartless robot with no emotions, we know that there’s a zero percent chance that he actually gave her a gift. All of this was in addition to her revealing that she never said “I love you” to him before either.

Raven’s claims soon became the only storyline of the episode worth talking about, as evidenced by the numerous tweets fired out sending condolences to Raven’s ex’s family in the wake of his death.

But rather than joining the Witness Protection Program and/or offing himself, Raven’s boyfriend did what any self-serving red-blooded male would do: he clapped back in an interview with Us.

“Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue,” he told them. “However, I wish her all the best. Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, just for the record.”

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge – eh, Hunter?

The two were in a two-year relationship, and as we discussed on Monday’s episode of Touching Base, you’re never in a good situation when one of your ex is in contention to enter the Sex Dungeon Fantasy Suite on national television. Once you start airing the dirty laundry with your ex, all bets are off.

Whether the allegations on either side are true or false, what we know is that you need to go into hiding should you ever receive the text, “Dude, did you see your *insert ex-girlfriend’s name* is going on The Bachelor?”

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