Questions From The Chase: Dating Apps

Questions From The Chase: Dating Apps

“Questions From The Chase” is back with one regarding the use of dating apps in a new city. As always, the question is in quotes below. Feel free to send me more questions if you have them because I really enjoy answering these.

Hey Johnny, an avid reader of your articles writing to you. I recently moved to a new city and downloaded Bumble/Hinge. I was wondering from a vet of these dating apps, any tips that have worked for you using these apps. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading. Cheers.

Beautiful day for an anonymous question! I’m glad you asked. Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, JSwipe, etc. They’re all essentially the same. Yeah, Bumble forces the girl to initiate conversation, but in my experience, their opening line is always some variation of “Heyyyyy.” If you’re on Tinder, Hinge, or JSwipe, stay away from opening lines like “Top 3 Disney movies, go!” That kind of stuff is so corny and played out I really think you’re better off going for a simple question like “How was your day at work?” or, if you’re really feeling ballsy, first question out of the gate ask him/her to drinks this weekend.

My main suggestion would be to keep it short and to the point when you’re talking to people on one of these apps. I personally hate texting, so I try to keep the conversations to thirty minutes at the most. If you can’t ask him/her out in under a half hour, pack up and move on to the next match. You don’t want to get into too many specifics because you won’t have much to talk about when you meet up with this person in real life. Schedule a time and place to meet and maybe throw in some witty banter and be done with it. Save the story about you throwing up in the Dean’s front lawn for drinks after dinner. Going along with that point, don’t feel like your first date needs to be dinner at a nice sushi spot, either. Meeting up for drinks is a lot less nerve-racking for both parties, and if the date isn’t going as planned it’s a hell of lot easier to pick up the tab for a few cocktails than it is to sit in silence while you awkwardly wait for your entrees to come out.

I’ve also found that your bio is probably just as important as the pictures that you post. It needs to be something that grabs peoples’ attention. If you’re a girl, for the love of God please do not use any variation “Live,Laugh,Love,” “Buy me Chipotle so I know it’s real,” or “Netflix, Wine, and Chill?” If you’re a guy, I honestly don’t know. It doesn’t have to be anything super thought out, but I would advise against saying anything like “Looking for a hole to stick my dick in” or “My Checking Account will make you blush.” My bio is straight and to the point. It reads: “Great hair, Decent ass.” Feel free to use that if you’d like.

Keep truckin’ and best of luck in your new city.

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