Pull Your Life Together And Get Some Adequate Cookware

Pull Your Life Together And Get Some Adequate Cookware

“You don’t have a baking sheet?!” I perhaps too aggressively questioned my boyfriend as he sat on the couch drinking wine in an attempt to ignore my kitchen-related outbursts.

It was a Friday night and this was the final straw in what had been a less than ideal lasagna making process. I should have known when he told me I had to bring my own skillet to his place that things wouldn’t go according to plan, but hindsight is 20/20.

What began with a simple skillet lead to a pot far too small to fit lasagna noodles, a mixing bowl that sufficed but would never allow for most purposes AKA making a cake, and finally, a nonexistent baking sheet for the night’s garlic bread. I could blame myself for not taking inventory of his cookware before I offered to make dinner, but is it so ridiculous that I would assume that a 28-year-old guy would own basic kitchen supplies? He seemed to think so.

After the lasagna saga, my weekend continued smoothly. I got ambitious and decided to be a good person and meal prep on a Sunday afternoon that was plan-free. Nothing extensive just a chicken and veggie bake with minimal effort on my part.

I started rummaging through the cupboards at my house on a mission to find a baking dish. The problem with this is that when I say my house I really mean my roommate’s house that she owns, thus the majority of the contents belong to her. And for the second time that weekend my confusion and anger peaked when I could only find an 8×8 pan that would never fit the amount of food I was trying to make.

I don’t understand.

How is it that two people closer to 30 than they’d like to admit don’t own adequate cookware? Is this a common thing that I’m only now for some reason discovering? It can’t really be the norm, can it?

Sure, I could give the bf a pass because he’s a boy who lives on takeout and rarely cooks, but the girl I live with who I know cooks fairly regularly? No excuses. Because even if you don’t regularly cook, surely you’ve managed to collect a hodgepodge of pots and pans through your years of college and roommates and parental hand-me-downs, right?

I don’t even care if the items you use don’t match or are great quality! No one’s expecting you to own a $2,000 copper core full set of cookware on your post-grad salary.

But you should still have something for the one or two occasions when you’re trying to impress a date and want to cook them dinner, or the parents are in town visiting and you want to show them that you can actually feed yourself, or maybe it’s midnight and you’re a bit drunk and you just want a God damn freshly baked cookie. (The premade dough from the package though, obviously. Let’s not get crazy.)

Listen, you’re an adult now and it’s beyond time to deal with your kitchen. We’ve all heard the list of benefits that cooking for yourself provides, and I’m not here to preach. But have a little pride, put in a little effort, and learn how to make one thing really, really well.

And at the very least get yourself the necessities so when you give up on the new recipes and meal prepping, you can mix up a batch of brownie batter with the sole intent of eating it directly out of the bowl.

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