Pros And Cons of Your Living Situation

Once you graduate, you realize post-grad life is basically one long, elaborate version of your favorite childhood game, MASH, with unlimited options that have the ability to be awful or amazing. The last thing you want is to make the wrong choice and regret that little piece of paper holding you back, wishing you could tear it into pieces. No, I’m not talking about the ultimate life ruining commitment, marriage. I’m talking about signing a lease, because the biggest commitment you make this year might be to your landlord if you don’t have anything else tying you down. Here are the pros and cons of postgrad living options.

Your Hometown

Pro: Your mom is an amazing cook, it’s rent free, and you’re never alone.

Con: You’re never alone.

Pro: Your parents are constantly encouraging you to meet that special someone.

Con: It’s difficult to charm potential mates when a thin wall is the only thing that separates you from your parents, and your dad isn’t exactly going to high five you when you walk of shame your one night stand to a cab in the morning.

Your College Town

Pro: You can continue to party and won’t be judged too harshly for it.

Con: It’s a daily reminder that you’re not actually still in college.

Pro: You go out all night since the bars are always open.

Con: It’s weird getting home at the same time you leave for work in the morning.

A New City

Pro: There’s always something going on.

Con: You can barely afford to buy groceries, let alone go to one of the many expensive events that everyone else your age can somehow afford and Instagram.

Pro: The city has all of the best job options in your field.

Con: Your tasks at your entry-level job are menial at best, and mortifying at worst.

Pro: Your life is just like a TV show.

Con: Your life is a more awkward, fully clothed, version of Girls.

With a Roommate

Pro: You won’t be faced with crushing loneliness when you come home after a long day at the office.

Con: You never know how capable you are of contemplating murder until you experience a terrible roommate.

With a Pet

Pro: A dog is man’s best friend for a reason.

Con: You might turn into the type of person who shows off pictures of their pet while other people show off snapshots of their children.

With a Significant Other

Pro: People will think you have your life together because you convinced someone else to put up with you.

Con: You’re so boring that you begin to think game nights are fun, and when things inevitably go wrong, one of you is left homeless.

Pro: You don’t have to go trolling on Tinder looking for a hot date.

Con: You’re missing out on a hotbed of potential murders, married folks, and people who have yet to come out of the closet.

Living Alone

Pro: You can be naked as much as humanly possible, no one judges your indiscretions, and you don’t have to constantly pick up after yourself.

Con: There are crumbs in your bed, your apartment is beginning to resemble a hovel, and you’ve seen every episode of Arrested Development roughly 25 times.

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