Power Ranking The Days Of The Week


From Monday to Sunday, each day of the week is treated differently in our minds. While each is created equally with the same 24 hours in the day, they are far from being the same. Some are much, much better than the others. So which ones are the best? I am here to end any sort of dispute you guys may be having about the days of the week. Since I am always right, here is your ranking.

7. Tuesday

Shocked to see something other than Monday sitting at the worst position? Just hear me out. Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week. Sure, you’re one day closer to the weekend, but what is there to look forward to? The next day is Wednesday and you’re not still reminiscing on the great times you had over the weekend. Tuesdays always seem like the longest. Energy and motivation to complete work are at an all-time low on Tuesdays. Everyone knows this.

6. Monday

Monday gets a bad rap and deservedly so. Whenever someone says they have a case of the Mondays, that’s the world being derogatory toward Mondays. Fuck you, Mondays. When your alarm goes off in the morning on Mondays, the majority of sane people want to sink back into their bed for another six hours and be devoid of any sort of adult responsibility. It’s a quick snap back into reality. Between the rush hour traffic to the mind numbing meetings, the only thing that keeps you from ending it all is realizing that the weekend is right around the corner.

5. Wednesday

Hump day. Not good. Not terrible. The perfect medium. You are not thrilled that you are going into work, but you’re not completely devastated either. Typically, you will hit a wall about midway through the day and your brain quits functioning. However, you power through because, well, you have no other choice. Wednesdays will be either really good or really bad. If you have a really good Wednesday, the next two days will only be better.

4. Friday

Gotcha! Friday is not the best day of the work week. Surprised? Most of the people who I talked with about this were adamant that Fridays are the best work day of the week. “The next day is Saturday for Pete’s sake!” they’ll shout at the top of their lungs. Fridays are a giant tease. They have such high expectations that just never get met. You’re strolling into the office confident that the day will fly by, but then you hit 10 a.m. and you’re just ready to get to the weekend. Talk about a slap to the face. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fridays just as much as the next guy, but they doesn’t compare to Thursdays in my mind.

3. Thursday

The pinnacle of the work week: Thursday. After dealing with the mid-week lull of Wednesday afternoon, you are refreshed and ready to get some work done. Here’s the thing I’ve noticed about working in the post grad world. When you are actually doing work and in the zone, time flies by. That’s what makes Thursdays so great. By the time you put thought into how much time you have until you can punch that clock, it’s basically Friday at that point. It’s all the glory of Friday without the hype.

2. Sunday

The ugly stepchild of Saturdays comes Sunday. It’s great because you don’t have any sort of responsibility like Saturdays, but you always have to get something done to prepare you for the week. Motivation is always lacking and that is most likely due to the fun you had on Saturday and because the game is on. But there is always Sunday brunch turned day drinking to make it as close to Saturday as you can get.

1. Saturday

This one’s a no-brainer. No explanation needed really.

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