Playing Golf Makes You Live Longer, But Only If You’re Willing To Stop Having Fun

Playing Golf Makes You Live Longer, But Only If You're Willing To Stop Having Fun

Joel Beall with Golf Digest put out an article a couple days ago detailing the health benefits of playing golf from a study done by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

It’s no surprise that the birth country of the sport would be devoting medical research to it, and unfortunately just as unsurprising is the kind of golf the article discusses. It’s likely not what you and your buddies get into on the weekends.

No, this is the kind of golf you see from that guy that rides up to the course at sunrise on his high horse, pushcart in hand, ready to judge the rest of us for indulging in a little modern innovation and taking a cart to go play.

This is the kind of golf you see from the guy that uses Wilson blades he bought back in ’76. He does nothing but talk shit about how he can’t understand that anybody would use those “big bulky clubs.”

Healthy golf is for the people who refuse to make a bet because it “ruins the spirit of the game,” or “they’re just here for the fellowship” but they still pop you two penalty strokes if you ground your club in a hazard.

You know that guy that you’re thinking about punching because he won’t stop fishing balls out of the pond? There’s your “healthy” golfer.

Healthy golf isn’t the everyman’s game. Healthy golf isn’t the shotgunner after every 3 putt or double bogey.

Healthy golfers don’t Bo Jackson clubs over their knees when their 2nd straight tee shot finds the water or almost fist fight close friends over a cart bet.

Healthy golf isn’t Rickie and Jordan slamming beers in their swim trunks. Healthy golf is a Bubba Watson or Ian Poulter style of golf.

Playing golf won’t make me live longer because in about ten years I’ll have the liver damage and anxiety to prove it. I don’t mind walking when I play but there’s a time and a place for it.

No, if living longer from golf means I have to give up throwing my clubs and have to stop flinging obscenities after an errant shot, I’ll take my chances letting medical science keep me around longer instead of my golf. Besides, healthy golf is what the Europeans do and look how that worked out for them.

[via Golf Digest]

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