People Shared The Most Embarrassing Thing They’ve Ever Seen A Coworker Do At Work

People Shared The Most Embarrassing Thing They've Ever Seen A Coworker Do At Work

The relationship between you and a coworker can be a weird thing.

On one hand, you don’t have to like them. You don’t have to respect them. You have no obligation to them outside of the confines of your office. On the other hand, you probably spend more time with them than you do your significant other, your child, your dog, etc. Isn’t that a sad realization? Yeah, I’ll let you recover from that one for a moment.


The fine folks over at Reddit understand your pain. Coworkers can be embarrassing, stupid, disgusting and all of the above. The world is full of examples, and some of them will make you cringe so hard you might have to consult a doctor.

Here are some of the most embarrassing stories people shared about their coworkers, via Reddit:

Male coworker had a huge crush on a female coworker. She tried avoiding him because it was obvious he liked her and she had a husband. One day he was kinda hurt and desperate because she hasn’t been around our department in a long while so he went outside and took a photo of a semi-interesting sunset on his cell phone. Mind you, he did this with a flip phone. After he snapped the photo he went looking for her but couldn’t find her. She came through our department eventually to get something and in desperation he walked up to her and said “Hey, I took this photo of a really awesome sunset. Would you like me to email it to you?” She just half smiled and said “No, thank you though.” There was a long pause then he said “Have I done something to offend you? You seem upset with me lately.” She said “No.” Then walked away carefully. I never cringed so hard in my life.

This made me more sad than when Simba tried to wake Mufasa after he was trampled. Probably because it was too real.

I had an employee that was lactose intolerant and had a penchant for Sonic chocolate shakes. I regularly caught her cupping her hand near her asshole to capture her farts so she could smell them.

We’ve all been there. (Editor’s note: No we haven’t.)

I see coworkers using Internet Explorer all the time. So embarrassing.

It must be the old people. Don’t worry, they will retire soon.

I’m a camgirl and on the site I’m working on, a fellow camgirl dressed up in Nazi uniform and delivered a speech by Hitler on the first of August. It was a catastrophe in the eyes of what I feel were most other camgirls and members.

She ended up making the most money of all models on the site altogether that month.

I, uh…I… I think we should just move on from that one.

I caught someone taking a shit in an orange wet floor cone, and then stuffing it as far into the toilet as possible. They also crawled out from under the door so the stall would be locked from the inside.
I was the manager on duty, and I couldn’t help it…I laughed my ass off.

Are you the manager of nine-year-olds?

At Target working overnights I caught someone in the stockroom jerking off to a set of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dolls…. he had opened the packaged and pulled the shirts up, they were similar to barbie dolls.

Also walked into the bathroom also at Target and caught someone jerking off over the sink to a Maxim magazine.

Target: Where Perverts In Red Shirts Jack Off On Product.

caught a married colleague having sex on the desk of the boss – needless to say not with his wife…

I bet this isn’t the only time this happened.

This guy was microwaving a little cup full of his cum. No idea why, how, or when he decided to do this. He was fired right away and the microwave trashed. Burnt cum does have a pretty gnarly smell.

This guy is 100 percent a serial killer.

Once, when I worked at Dunkin Donuts two of my coworkers brought some prostitutes to the basement (Not sketchy at all). They were really loud. It was also the morning shift, which is the busiest time.

This makes me crave Dunkin’ Donuts.

Watching porn. I walked over to his desk to give an update on a project and there it was. On his screen. A lovely blonde bent over, taking a beating. He didnt even bother to [window+m] his desktop. Instead, looks me straight in the eyes and says “if you have a minute, the best part is coming up. Of course, as the MANAGER of the fucking department I had to polity decline and ask that he close out the window. If you’re wondering- [TL;DR version] at the time, we had no policies in regard to this and could not fire him without legal action against us. He now works from home.

Ultimate. Power. Move.

Smacking a gecko against her arm in an attempt to get it to attack her… She would always complain about getting attacked by geckos and show everyone the bites, guess that’s how she kept getting bit.

When I started working at this one hotel, I caught the guy training me staring at me when I wasn’t looking, then realized he had the biggest boner.
We’ve been dating for over two years now.

Aw, that is actually kind of sweet.

I had recently started sharing an office with an older lady. One day I came back from lunch and she wasn’t there. I went about my afternoon. About 20 minutes later I saw her come out from under her desk. It was so awkward. She was napping underneath and thought I’d walk out of the office at some point and she’d be able to get up without me finding out she had been under there the whole time.

Napping under the desk is a pro move.

Think you can top these? Share your own stories in the comments. You can check out the rest of the Reddit thread HERE.

[via Reddit]

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