People Admitted The Worst Ways They’ve Been Dumped And They’re All Wildly Depressing

Getting dumped is the worst. Most of the time, you’re either blindsided or just trying to refuse accepting what’s about to happen. But then you’ve just gotta keep on keepin’ on (because they already have).

But think you’ve had some bad break-ups? Reddit will tell you differently, with all of their users spewing their worst break-up stories in an AskReddit thread that’s harder to look at than Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s sap of a character in 500 Days Of Summer.

The worst ways people got dumped, via Reddit:

Didn’t even bother to tell me. She just grew increasingly distant and eventually just completely stopped talking to me.

Damn, man. At least she didn’t throw a 32 oz. cola in your face at the movies and walk out with two middle fingers in the air.

She had her step sister call my parents phone (didn’t have a cell phone then) to break up with me. Except my dad answered so she told him it was over. He simply said ” I think you want to talk to my son.” Looking back I think it’s hilarious.

Would’ve been even more if your dad had gone full-Taken on her and killed her. Too far? Yeah, probably.

I was 21, came home from work and everything was gone. She left a milk crate, the tiny tv, a trash can, and the box spring to the mattress. I didn’t actually know that she left me, so I called the cops and told them that someone stole everything, including my girlfriend. I was pretty hysterical, but the 911 operator was able to calm me down and inform me that my girlfriend most likely left me.

How unaware of your surroundings are you that a 911 operator had to explain to you that your girlfriend packed her shit and hit the road? Come on, man.

After 3 years my girlfriend decided to tell me that the only reason she was with me was because she loved my older brother and wanted to come over to see him. My brother had no idea and was just as pissed as I was.

You think Eric Matthews would ever do that to Cory if Topanga pulled that shit? Hell no.

Email that said, “Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: you.”

Funny on the Simpsons, less funny in real life.

No, no one is that absurd to send that email.

7 years. Text message. Brutal.

Eh, might as well not drag it out like you both did with your dead-end relationship in the first place.

Not me, but a girl I know married a guy from another continent. They’d been living together for a few months when she came home from work one day to find all his shit gone. She couldn’t figure out what happened to him so eventually called the police, they investigated and informed her that he’d boarded a flight back to his native country.

She should make some type of grand gesture and fly to his native country to profess her love. Just kidding, that would probably end in heartbreak and the loss of thousands of dollars in travel expenses all to be told what she already knows — it’s over.

Came home to divorce papers stuck in the mailbox.

This is like the plot of You’ve Got Mail, but you know, the exact opposite.

Coming back early from a vacation to call her…and having some dude answer the phone.

This is like the beginning of Old School, but you know, without her getting railed out by some other dude.

When she was being a little weird when I asked if she wanted to hang out and said nah she was busy. Didn’t think much of it until I went to hang with my friends instead, and we went to the movies, and saw her there with another guy.

The thing is, you can’t even fault the dude here. He’s just going to a movie with a hot chick hoping to get a little somethin’ somethin’ once the lights go off. Your girl though? Floozy City.

Just abandoned. Without any words. Without any explanation. No warning. No answers.

One day I’m excitedly planning a future with my husband. The next day he’s just gone. Cut all contact.

In my opinion, it doesn’t get much worse than that.

You could’ve gotten married, divorced, and then lost a bunch of money to him (assuming you’re the bread winner).

She dumped me by saying she was going to a special treatment center for an eating disorder. She instead fucked my best friend. Still hate both of them.

My God. There was a lot in play there, none of which I want to touch.

On our three year anniversary. He was basically like “Here are your anniversary presents. Btw we’re over.” A few minutes later he then asked “Can we still be friends? With benefits?”

Can’t knock the hustle.

Four weeks before our wedding, having to do the breaking up for him because he just sat there hanging his head not saying anything but “I’m sorry” and occasionally wiping his eyes as if he was crying, but his eyes were totally dry.

He never loved you. Take some solace in that.

He started fucking my roommate while I was in the hospital getting cancer treatments.

Aaaaaand we have our winner. Damn.

For more awfully depressing break-up stories, check out the Reddit thread here. It’ll make you feel a lot better about yourself.

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