Patrick Reed’s Custom Ryder Cup USA Putter Is Scorching Hot

In case you haven’t heard, hate America, or hate golf, the single greatest golf event behind The Masters is next week: the 2016 Ryder Cup. Occurring every other year, it’s yet another opportunity for the United States of America to assert their dominance over an entire continent. This one? Europe.

As of late, Patrick Reed has been on the campaign trail to be America’s single greatest hope and bad boy in The Ryder Cup. Whether he’s shushing the crowd or high-fiving Jordan Spieth while wearing bright red pants with an American Flag sweater to boot, Reed is one defiantly patriotic golfer that you need to get behind despite the fact that he wears chokers. In the 2014 Ryder Cup, he proved himself to be America’s best player throughout the tournament when he went 3-0-1 at Gleneagles.

And this year? He’s looking to do it all with a brand new, patriotic-as-hell putter made by Odyssey. The photos below were posted on GolfWRX for all the world to gawk over.






Would I have done the exact same thing? Probably not. Does it kind of look like it was produced in 1995? Yeah, maybe a little. But retro is in which means so is Patrick Reed. Stay tuned.

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