Old Guy Dies At His Desk, Nobody Noticed For Two Whole Days


For those of us in our early twenties, this story is going to be like looking into the future, because with student loan payments breathing down our necks and taxes out the wazoo, we’ll be lucky to get about a week of retirement after age 89 before the cold embrace of death claims us into the void. But, more likely, I’m assuming I’ll just die at my desk and have the cleaning crew take me out with the garbage the next morning. The circle of life.

That’s basically what happened to an older man that worked in a tax office in Finland: The guy died in his office on a Tuesday, and nobody even went in to realize that he was dead until Thursday. Two whole days. Everyone just assumed that he was in his office and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone’s bullshit.

“People thought he wanted to work in peace and no-one disturbed him,” said an anonymous government official to BBC News. They all thought he was just looking over tax returns and nobody knew he was dead until a friend called him to try and grab some lunch.

That must have been one hell of a phone call: “Hey buddy! Haven’t seen you around the office in a while. Wanna grab some Chipotle? Knock back a few margs on our lunch break? …..What the fuck, are you giving me the silent treatment? Is this about what I said to your wife at the Christmas party? …..Well, you can just rot in hell for all I care! Drop dead, jerk.”

The Helsinki tax office is calling the man’s death, and subsequent ignorance of his passing, a result of “many coincidences”. Anita Wickstroem, director at the Helsinki tax office, said that, “He was very much working alone and often visiting companies, while his friends and colleagues who used to have lunch or coffee with him were busy in meetings or outside the office at the time.”

For the record, there were about 100 other people working on the same floor as the dead guy, IN THAT DEPARTMENT, at the time of the guy’s passing. So someone should definitely have noticed. Also, definitely time to reevaluate your nightly cleaning staff, because if they didn’t notice a dead guy just sitting there for about two nights straight, they must not be doing a thorough enough cleaning job. That, or they’re the dirtiest company on the planet, in more ways than one.

[via BBC News]

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