Obnoxious, Arrogant Guy Gets Absolutely Killed By Interviewer

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Irritating, rude, obnoxious, and arrogant. These are not the words you’re looking to see in a follow-up email from a potential employer.

That’s exactly what happened to one jobseeker from Devon in South West England after what was apparently an all-around poor interview with Right Price PVCu. Per the Daily Mail, James Allen, after an impromptu interview, sent a follow-up email to Right Price’s director Sarah Haeseler looking for some feedback. Okay, maybe following up the same day is a little soon, but you have to respect the aggressiveness. In response, Ms. Haeseler went absolutely scorched earth.

Sincere apologies for not replying to you today, as it happens I actually have a job, and other things to do with my day other than reply to you, when I had already had the misfortune of wasting 30 very long minutes of my life speaking to; not only the most inappropriate person for this job role, but probably for any role, you will spend the next few years applying for, only to get rejected as soon as they meet you.

Good start.

You are without doubt one of the most irritating, rude, obnoxious and arrogant people I have had the misfortune to meet, and your email just solidifies this.

Couldn’t get any worse.

Also, for an old aesthetically challenged guy with no teeth you have an unbelievable amount of confidence!

It got worse. It seems things are getting personal. Maybe it ends well.

So you say, you didn’t notice the word ‘professional’ on our website… belive me, if I had been anything other than ‘professional’, I would have told you what I was actually thinking which was ‘this guy is an absolute ****, get the **** out’.
But no, alas, I stayed ‘professional’. I only wish I’d have seen your CV beforehand, to save us both the time, as I would have probably noticed your main job role as ‘professional p****’.
Good luck for the future

Oh. It does not end well. In her defense, Sarah claims that James was basically the most repulsive interviewee of all time.

I actually thought it was a joke. I was waiting for the hidden camera crew to jump out and say, “Ha, got ya!”

I’d love to know what really went down. Anybody reading this in lovely Devon, please let your friends at PGP know the truth.

[via Daily Mail]

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