*NSYNC Reunites For 110 Glorious Seconds, Ignites Beautiful Flames Of Nostalgia


Last night, the men of *NSYNC reunited, proving that dreams really do come true. Sure, maybe you’re not an astronaut or a princess like your parents promised, but Justin Timberlake took pity on his now D-list boy band mates and invited them to share the limelight with him for a grand total of 110 seconds.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

While *NSYNC didn’t look exactly like the hunky boy wonders we remember from our childhood fantasies, the nostalgia factor is what really matters. Whether you were a Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, or 98 Degrees fan (anyone?), we united to enjoy the magic last night . Yes, they were looking older and plumper than ever before, but they were rocking that stage, bad boy (band) style.


After numerous rumors that JT was going to let the plebeians of *NSYNC join him and his fedora onstage, every twenty something lady in America was waiting with bated breath. Unfortunately, if you took an ill-timed bathroom break, made popcorn, or even blinked, you probably missed their performance. It’s unclear why JT couldn’t have the boys backup dance for him the entire time, other than the fact that it would have made Twitter explode in happiness. Instead, after a hot second, JT waved “Bye Bye Bye” to his boys, instead of doing the dance we all memorized for an hour, which sounds like a perfect VMAs to me. After all, I’m still trying to figure out who One Direction is. However, their brief performance might have been for the best. They looked like dads dancing at a bar mitzvah.


They looked like chic priests, but those outfits were infinitely better than ones they’ve rocked in the past. While it’s understandable that Justin pulled a Beyonce and popped them off that stage as soon as possible, I’m still trying to forgive him.

Justin Timberlake At Wango Tango Concert

The VMAs were much like the Beyonce Bowl — boring until the halftime show, which in this case was a full-blown Justin Timberlake concert. Other highlights included Miley Cyrus creating her own twerk team featuring Robin Thicke, who should probably get tested now because MiCy was looking ratchet. While she believes only God can judge her, I bet you anything Billy Ray Cyrus is not pleased, even if she is just being Miley.


Gaga was more boring than ever before, rocking hideous wigs while looking like a rip-off Katy Perry, who barely pretended to lip sync, which made her Roar sound more like a purr. Drake (i.e. Wheelchair Jimmy from Degrassi) took the stage, rapping about how he started from the bottom, when the reality is that he started from the upper middle class, so no one’s that impressed.


If *NSYNC can reunite, it gives me hope that anything is possible. It was a happy reminder of brighter days, when we were young and naïve and dreamed of marrying Lance Bass. He did go to prom with Topanga, so it wasn’t that out of the question (or so we thought).


It was a throwback to when “Dirty Pop” was all we needed, even if we didn’t understand what half the lyrics meant. JT was looking fine, and his backup band was just happy to be off their couch and on the stage. While he didn’t start from the bottom, he brought the whole team to the VMAs, even if it was just for a second. If *NSYNC can reunite, maybe Justin Timberlake will get back together with Britney, too. After all, a girl can dream, and this reunion proved that anything is possible.


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