“No Shave November” Is Killing The Shaving Industry


Ahh, November, the month where every fresh-faced college student and bored twenty-something decides, “Well, shit, maybe I shouldn’t shave this month. I bet I’d look cool with a beard!” Thus, No Shave November and its mustachioed counterpart, Movember, were born, with the mission of promoting truth, justice, prostate cancer awareness, and the Grizzly Adams way. Between this, the “fear the beard” campaign in baseball and the recent female fascination with facial hair, there’s never been a better time to be a beard fan.

That is unless you’re in the business of making razors and other shaving products. According to the Washington Post, American spending on shaving razors and blades has fallen to $2.3 billion a year, the lowest it has been since the recession.

This isn’t just a result of No Shave November. It’s also because it has become increasingly expensive to shave. Analysts from the consumer research firm Euromonitor put it bluntly: “Men, tired of putting up with the ever-increasing prices of refill shaving heads from the top producers, have fled to cheaper options. Some have even stopped shaving altogether.”

We’re also seeing a major shift in workplace culture and the acceptance of a more Chuck Norris-esque attitude towards what a man wears on his face. “Facial hair is a lot more acceptable now, especially in the workplace. It’s no longer required that everyone shave every single day,” said market researcher Gabriela Elani, who serves as a personal care analyst Mintel.

Guys are switching to cheaper shaves, including subscription start-ups like Dollar Shave Club, which is on track to earn $60 million in revenue this year, triple what they made in 2013. This definitely bucks the trend of the major razor companies like Gillette, which continues to make crazy razors with like 12 blades, “flexball” technology and cost about $24.95 per blade, which wears off after 10 shaves. It’s no wonder sales are down.

So folks, if you want to save the poor, starving razor conglomerates, shave your beards. Please. Keep them in diamonds and furs while your face is freezing and you look that much less rugged. Or don’t. Fuck ’em.

Me? I can’t grow a beard because after a few days without shaving, my face starts itching like a motherfucker. I’m a pussy. But I’m secretly envious of every badass beard I see.

[via Washington Post]

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