New Reality Show Will Feature Strangers Getting Married Just Seconds After Meeting For The First Time


Bet you thought reality TV Producers were out of ideas, didn’t you? Well, after wife-swapping, marrying a millionaire, fooling them into dating a millionaire, countless Bachelors and Bachelorettes, putting them in creepy masks (hosted by Monica Lewinsky), tricking them into marrying the Prince of Wales, Blind Dates, speed dates and dating former rockstar/current walking STD Bret Michaels, we’ve finally come to this: Having random strangers meet for the first time at the altar and marry one another.

Good Lord, why didn’t I think of that?

This will all be going down on the new show “Married At First Sight,” taking place Tuesday night at 9 PM EST on FYI, the channel currently known as Bio. Considering I’ve never heard of either channel, you’d think this is a show to add to TLC’s ever-expanding freakshow lineup, but no, I’m sure this is some stunt to get these channels on the map.

But this “extreme social experiment” as they call it (read: ratings grab) will use four experts — A psychologist, a sociologist, a sexologist and a spirituologist (whatever the fuck that is) to create three “perfect” couples from 625 applicants. These spouses know nothing about each other until they walk down the aisle in the premiere episode, and the remaining nine episodes of the series will follow these couples through their first four weeks of marriage, after which they can decide to divorce, or stay married.

Personally, this series, which is based on a Danish series because, well, we get all our most fucked up reality series from Europe, seems like actually a pretty interesting experiment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’ll be portrayed like an absolute shitshow, but all these couples are from New York City, which boasts about a million and a half eligible bachelors and bachelorettes under 35, and in a day and age where we Tinder the fuck out of each other and text each other incessantly and overthink and never take a chance on love, maybe this is a way of bringing back the “mystery” of dating and relationships and romance. Maybe these people will find what we’ve lost over the years: Love at first sight, unconditional love and adoration and thrill in the unknown of getting to know someone.

Or maybe it’ll be a fucking god-awful trainwreck, but either way, I’ll check it out. If I can figure out if I even get FYI channel.

[via New York Post]

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