Nestle Is Researching An All-Day Energy That Could Leave Coffee In The Dust

Nestle Is Researching An All-Day Energy That Could Leave Coffee In The Dust

At this point in my life, coffee does absolutely nothing to discernibly change my energy levels. Sure, I can stave off a fierce caffeine headache with my morning cup, but by the time I’m on refill #3 and still falling asleep, it’s fairly clear that my tolerance is now so high that caffeine isn’t even beneficial anymore. But what if we could change the way coffee worked in our bodies so that our first, shitty k-cup of the day would give us enough energy for the entire day without having to constantly keep going back to the break room? Researchers at Nestle think they may have done exactly that.

Nestle focused their research on cubosomes, which are essentially the tiny little drug dealers of your body that take the important caffeine molecules to the right places. For the first time, Nestle was able to see inside these little guys to figure out how they work, and then change them for our benefit. By selecting where in the molecule’s structure the caffeine goes, scientists realized they could time its release, making caffeine a slow-releasing drug that may be able to keep you energized for the entire day.

We’re not sure exactly when we can expect to see this slow-release coffee, but know that it’s coming – Nestle didn’t funnel millions into scientific research just for a cool PGP news article. Will it work? Will it taste like chocolate milk? Will this finally be what kicks my $12 a day Starbucks habit? Only time will tell, but for the sake of my work productivity, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this is the savior we’ve all been hoping for. The future is now, people.

[via Nestle]

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