My Thoughts While Waiting For The Preview Of Next Week’s Breaking Bad

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SPOILER ALERT: Contains content from Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 9. There also may be some small spoilers for Sunday night’s Low Winter Sun, if anyone gives a shit.

“If that’s true…if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course…would be to tread lightly.”

Ho-ly SHIT! What an episode! What an ending. This show may be the best of all time and this final season looks like it may be ending with the biggest bang in TV history. I love Walter’s character. Love it! The transition he’s gone through from season 1 until now is nothing short of remarkable. Just brilliant writing. 

AMC Voiceover: “Stay tuned for previews of next week’s Breaking Bad during the first commercial break of the season premiere of Low Winter Sun.”

Low Winter Sun? The fuck is that all about? Is this a new strategy from AMC? I don’t remember them ever making us wait for a whole segment of the next show to watch Breaking Bad previews. Oh, well. I hope it’s short. This break in action will hopefully give my adrenaline a chance to subside. That final scene got my blood pumping, man. What a thrilling ending to the first episode! The look on Hank’s face at the end there…WOW. Great acting. Will Walt kill Hank? Will Jesse flip on Walt? Will Walt Jr. take over his old man’s meth empire and start laundering the cash through a chain of Waffle Houses? I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. 

If only this Winter whatever show would hurry the hell up. What’s it called again? Winter….ah, Low Winter Sun. More like Low Winter Crap. Hahaha.

Hey, isn’t that…? Yeah, it is. That’s the lab geek from Breaking Bad — the chemist that was supposed to replace Walt. He was an interesting character. Starts with a “G” I think. Gary? Garret? Gale? Yeah, that’s it. Gale Boetticher. I wonder if casting him in Low Winter whatever was a strategic move by AMC to capture some of the Breaking Bad audience. Smart thinking. Oh man, that scene when Jesse offed him on his front doorstep was intense as hell. Sad, too. Gale was a sweet kid, man. Such a likable character. All he wanted to do was earn Walt’s respect and cook a little crystal. Then blammo, he was gone.

Fuck this, though. Gale isn’t going to make me watch this bullshit show. I WANT MY PREVIEW. This first segment has been on for like five minutes now. Surely it’s almost over. AMC wants me to get into this show, but honestly, I’m starting to resent it. You can’t pull a fast one on me, guys. Nice effort, though. I might even put this motherfucker on mute out of pure spite. I hate this show, and I know literally nothing about it.

Anyway, that scene when Walt was working the cash register at the car wash and talking with Lydia was an interesting one. He had basically turned into Gus Fring at that point. Remember when Gus would work the register at Los Pollos Hermanos, and when Walt approached him about expanding his business, Gus would avoid his questions and carry on like Walt was just any old customer? Walt would be all, “I wanna sling some crystal, bro. My shit is so pure it’s ridiculous.” Then Gus would be all, “Enjoy your chicken, sir.” Ha, classic. Fucking Gus. That guy got what was coming to him if you ask me. The character parellel there was very intriguing. I wonder if Walt is gonna get the Gus treatment. 

Speaking of cash registers, I hope one falls on Gales head from several stories up here pretty quickly while I wait for my goddamn previews. Just blood and brains all over sidewalk. His character looks so annoying. Damn chemistry nerd. Couldn’t cook crystal worth a shit and now he’s wearing a suit on Low Winter Fuck like he’s trying to be somebody. Who’re you trying to fool, AMC? I swear this segment has been on for 20 minutes by now. This is getting ri-goddamn-diculous. No one watches this stupid ass show. We want previews!!!

What has it been now, like THIRTY MINUTES SINCE THIS SHOW HAS STARTED? ARE THERE NO COMMERCIALS? IS THIS ALL ONE SICK FUCKING JOKE??? Where is AMC headquartered? If I knew how to make ricin, I’d be sending these heartless pieces of shit a care package right now! I’d like to see them try and pull this shit next week when the entire AMC building is keeled over dead from that shit!

Finally! A commercial!

AMC Voiceover: “Stay tuned for previews of next week’s Breaking Bad at the end of this commercial break.”

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 9.29.15 AM

Oh man, that Walt is some kinda character.

Fucking Low Winter Bullshit. I may tune in next week just to see if Gale’s character dies, that nerdy little fuck.

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