Most Idiotic LinkedIn Columnist Ever Tells Women To Take Off Their Engagement Rings For Interviews

Most Idiotic LinkedIn Columnist Ever Tells Women To Take Off Their Engagement Rings For Interviews

Getting through a job interview is stressful enough. From researching the company, to making sure you have everyone’s name down, to not screwing up curveball questions, successfully navigating an interview can be nearly impossible. If you’re a married or engaged woman, it’s about to get a lot harder for you, because a LinkedIn columnist has now recommended that you’d better not wear your ring for your interview. Wait, what?

In yet another case of men giving terrible advice to women, Bruce Hurwitz has decided that ladies, you’d better not even consider showing up to a job interview wearing your engagement ring. If this sounds like strange advice, well, it is. But just wait – when you hear the reasoning behind this advice, you’ll be more confused than ever. Bruce says,

“When a man sees that ring he immediately assumes you are high maintenance. When the woman at the office who has the largest diamond on her finger, sees that ring, she will realize that if you are hired she will fall to second place and will, therefore, not like you. Lose the ring!”

I wish I could say that this is a satirical article, but either Bruce’s sarcasm is too refined for me to detect, or he’s actually a moron. Apparently, according to Bruce, a woman being engaged or married automatically indicates that she’s high maintenance to a male interviewer, so he would never hire her. Looking at this another way, you’ll see that this means Bruce would only exclusively hire single females, so if I were his HR director, I’d promptly ask him to see his way to the door. Additionally, Bruce has created some structured hierarchy of females in the office based on the size of their rings. Bruce, I’m sorry, but never in my life have I ever heard of one female hating another because her ring happens to be bigger. I’m not sure Bruce has ever interacted with a woman before, but this narrative he’s created for us is interesting, to say the least.

Bruce, if you’re going to be sexist, please do so in the privacy of your journal instead of spewing this garbage all over LinkedIn. Telling women that promising to stay committed to one man forever and ever, until death or divorce do us part, is sexist, discriminatory, and idiotic. In 2016, it’s safe to say that women shouldn’t have to conceal their relationship status in order to successfully interview with a member of the opposite gender. If you don’t get the job with a ring on your finger, then you, my female friends, have dodged a major bullet, because I would much rather spend my days lazing on my couch collecting unemployment from Uncle Sam than to be subjected to working for someone like Bruce. Ladies, wear your engagement rings whenever you damn well please – you’ve earned it.

[via LinkedIn]

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