Most Food Service Workers Go To Work Sick Says Research That Ruined My Day

Most Food Service Workers Go To Work Sick Says Research That Ruined My Day

This won’t shock anyone that knows me, but I am an unapologetic germophobe. When this story was sent to me by way of a Gchat with a coworker, it was done with malice.

According to a poll conducted by The Center for Research and Public Policy for Alchemy Systems and shared with International Business Times, over half of all food service employees go to work sick.

Just over half, or 51 percent, of the 1,200 individuals polled, who were drawn from all segments of the industry (restaurants, farms, grocery stores) answered that they always, or frequently, will go to work when ill.

That’s troubling, but not exactly shocking. At any given moment during fall and winter, there’s a handful of zero fuck giving coworkers hacking their way through the day while claiming it’s allergies, or the ever so bold “I’m not contagious.” If I can hear your phlegm when you breathe, you’re contagious in my book. Back the fuck off.

Now, as if relaying that information to the masses wasn’t enough, IBT spoke with a server at Olive Garden, who for whatever reason, decided to go on the record and admit to partaking in this wildly reckless behavior on multiple occasions.

Christine Gnecco, 28, has been sick at least seven times over the last couple of years — “two rounds of pink eye, one round of stomach virus and probably four or five upper respiratory infections.” In each case, she’s gone to work, taking orders and serving food at Olive Garden restaurants in Erie and Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

“It’s very expensive to skip work, because we don’t get paid if we’re not at work,” says Gnecco. “I guess it feels like I’m walking away from $150.” (That’s what she earns for a typical lunch or dinner shift.)

WHAT ARE YOU? Pink eye, 4 or 5 colds, and a stomach virus? Isn’t it settled science that pink eye is a poop thing? What the hell is going on in Pennsylvania besides dudes wearing Zubaz working on Camaros in their driveways while listening Scorpion?

I get that it’s expensive to miss work, but you’re not going to make any money if you’re laboring around handing out breadsticks with pink eye, a cough, or god forbid, diarrhea. Stay home, dammit. And if you happen to have a cut on your finger and plan on wearing one of those unbelievably off-putting finger condoms as you creep out all of your tables, stay home, too.

[via International Business Times]

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