Mailbag: Golf, Fitness, And Hitting The Bars


Welcome to the first edition of the PGP Mailbag, wherein I will answer questions from you, our readers.

Scenario: Grandex employees go on a cruise and become shipwrecked on a deserted island. Who do you choose as your leader, who goes crazy, who is your last resort sacrifice for food?

We have around 35 employees total, and since the large majority of them are behind the scenes, I’m going to assume you’re only referring the regular PGP personalities.

I think either Dave or myself would make a decent leader. I have no real reason for this other than I think the others would make shitty ones. There may even be a power struggle at the top where I have to physically dominate Dave to take the throne, which I’m prepared to do. Will is too soft to lead other men.

I think Ross goes crazy. Hell, Ross is half crazy already. I don’t mean to make light of his crippling anxiety but the dude has crippling anxiety. Then again, if he’s stranded on an island without all the regular stressors that life on the mainland comes with, maybe he thrives.

We’re eating Will for sure. He’s not only soft in demeanor; he’s also probably well-marbled.


Ive been a fat fuck all my life. The highest my scale has tipped was 315. Ive lost weight since then getting down to a cool 210. However, since postgrad life got its hooks in me ive been yo-yoing between 220 and 240 for the better part of 2 years. Ive decided once and for all to lose the weight and get the body i want. Ive never lifted before (well seriously, i lifted in highschool). Im looking to lose the fat and show up some muscle. I figured i would lose as much weight as possible (goal weight of 190) then start packing on the muscle and get like to 200 or 210 (im guessing adding 20 pounds of muscle is a lot). I guess my question is, do i lift while i lose weight, or do i just stick to the cardio i know to cut the fat? Is there any benefit to lifting while on a calorie deficit? Im not looking for epic gainz or anything, i just want to finally in my life have a toned looking body and not soft pile of shit.


First of all, good on you for losing all that weight initially. Going from 315 to 210 is an incredible feat.

To be clear, I am by no means professionally qualified to answer questions like this. I can only pull from my own experiences and things I’ve read along the way. I am currently at 184 lbs. The heaviest I’ve been is 208. This was during the same period of my life that you’re currently in. I was just out of school and didn’t care about my physique. I didn’t exercise, I ate what I wanted, and I drank a lot of beer.

I experimented with different ways of losing weight and found that weight training, for me, was the most effective way to cut fat. It also builds muscle, obviously.

I would definitely suggest lifting while you lose weight. It will amp up your metabolism, give you energy, and replace a lot of that bad weight with good weight. Aside from regular cardio, I’d find a routine that works out your whole body each session, and I’d go at least three times a week. You can start to adjust that routine as your body progresses.

Hey Dillon,

Is Duda back for real or was that just a sick tease?

Also more of a shout out then a question but January 27, 2017 will go down in history as the greatest day for #content for PGP, and I thank you for that.

Keep on doing what you guys are doing helps me get through the work day every week.


John Duda was an unfortunate victim of the layoffs in October. Since then, he has always had the green light to write for us as a freelancer. Last week was the first time he decided to write for us again. We miss him and we know you all do, too. John is a great dude and talented writer, so it was really sad to see him go. But we all hope he sticks around as long as possible and contributes when he can.


Big fan of the podcasts and have loved watching the site and brand grow and evolve over the years.

More importantly though, With spring training right around the corner, does the touching base podcast have a take on the Designated Hitter? Should both leagues be the same? Does the DH take away from the purity of the game? If a pitcher can’t get a bunt down, should they get a future opportunity to swing?

The people want to know.


Thanks for the kind words.

I like baseball the way it is. It’s a sport of weird traditions and unwritten rules, and that’s part of what makes it such a beautiful game. You try explaining to someone who knows nothing about baseball that half the league plays by one set of rules and the other half plays by another, and they will be very confused. Yet it makes perfect sense to us, because it’s always been that way.

The World Series factor is fun, too. From DH to no DH when the venue switches to the National League team’s home field. No sense, yet all the sense.

I am new to golf and I am going to the WM Open in Scottsdale this weekend. Who should I keep an eye out for? Any advice would also be appreciated.

Kind regards.

You picked perhaps the best non-major golf tournament to attend for your first time, so well done. I’ve never been, but from everything I hear and see on TV, the Waste Management Open is a fantastic time. The only advice I can give you is do what you can to get a seat at the 16th. It’s the one where all the fans sit stadium-style around the par 3 hole and go crazy as each golfer passes through. The only hole in golf, to my knowledge, where it’s acceptable to make noise as the golfers hit their tee shots. It’s a party.

Here’s Tiger with a hole-in-on on the 16th in 1997, back when the crowd surrounding the hole was much smaller.

Okay I’m now being told tickets to the 16th cost $800. Is that true? Like on top of the regular price of admission to the tournament? Yikes.

Does deFries ever talk about being a Miami of Ohio grad? Is he ashamed because Big Ben also went there? Your and Dave’s alma mater Texas State comes up quite a lot in the podcasts, but I rarely hear Will talk about his background pre-grandex

This is actually a really good question. If Dave and I can publicly claim Texas State, Will can speak out on his affiliation with the other Miami. It’s not just during podcasts, either. He just flat out doesn’t talk about it.

How has it been around the office like after the past week or so? Lot’s of changes that seem to be going well and overall as a reader I get a really positive vibe coming to the site. I hope everyone is walking out of the office into the weekend riding high.

It’s amazing the things you people pick up on. Vibes around the office are at all-time high after some subtle changes in direction, and it’s pretty great knowing that it’s showing in our work. We’re very excited about how things are going.

I do have another question – is “touching base” really part of the vernacular around the Grandex office or are you all just commiserating with the rest of us that do use it an unfortunate amount

Micah is the only one who says it, and sadly he uses it with sincerity.


Question for the mailbag:

The phrase “going out to drink” has a very different meaning for each PGP reader. Can you describe what you, Dave, and Will actually do during a night out on the town? Will kinda seems like he would be in bed by 11 after a few Titos-Sodas.



A night out with Dave and Will usually starts with 8:00 dinner somewhere on West 6th Street here in Austin. Sushi at a place called Maiko is a go-to spot for us. It’s a great tone setter, as they have stupid happy hour specials every night of the week. We do sake bombs. Oh shit, or Ranch 616 for ranch waters.

Then we’ll bounce around to a few different bars and meet up with different groups of people, I’ll step outside for two or three heaters, then we’ll call it a night when we get 8/10 drunk. This is usually around 12:30 or 1:00.

Send me your Mailbag questions to and please put “Mailbag” in the subject line.

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Dillon graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. Golf is his game now. He's long off the tee but can't putt for shit. Email:

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