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Welcome to the PGP Mailbag, wherein I will answer questions from you, our readers. Send your questions to

Lots of questions from the ladies of PGP for today’s Mailbag. I don’t hate it.

Part of a Bachelorette Party comin’ to Austin in just over a week…any advice? Bars that are a must go? Places to skip? We’ve got a group of girls partial to shots and tacos, and a bride that can execute a split on the dance floor. Give me your best!

Thanks in advance

Did you listen to Touching Base last week? A bachelorette party of eight is coming to Austin soon and they’re wanting to stop by our studio to sit in on a live recording, among other stuff.

I can already read the comments about Austin nightlife commentary that we get into so often, but this is from a lady, and the answer is for the ladies, so it’s different. Austin has become a serious destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’s a lively city with a great bar scene, so I get it. Sixth Street is an upscale, tamer Bourbon Street with no strip clubs, gambling, or taking drinks from the bar to the street. Still a little surprising, though.

The general advice I give anyone coming to Austin for a good time who is over the age of 23 is Rainey Street for day drinking and West 6th for nightlife. It’s important to note that West 6th and what we call “Dirty 6th,” though both technically 6th Street, are very different spots. East of Congress Avenue is Dirty 6th, and it’s a much younger, sketchier crowd. This is the part I would skip. I never go to Dirty unless I’m dragged, kicking and screaming, or if a girl I’m into asks me to, which happened twice recently and I’m not proud of it.

The bars on Rainey are all generally the same and the bars on West are all generally the same. Hit Little Woodrow’s on West to kick your night off then slowly make your way west down 6th as the night goes on. I honestly don’t know of a good dance spot, though.

Brunch = Moonshine
Tacos and margs = Matt’s El Rancho
Dinner = Ranch 616


Looks like you mostly get asked for advice from dudes, but here I am. Full disclosure as you’re reading this you’re probably going to think this is a joke, but whatever. So basically I’m a 23 year old girl living in Chicago, so obviously a huge city with tons of young people, and I have an incredibly active libido, but I can’t get laid to save my life. I’m definitely not the hottest girl in the room, but I’m definitely not an ugly person (my Twitter and Instagram is [redacted] so I can prove I don’t have a fucked up face/not an obese person). I’m an avid Bumble user and it’s gotten me basically nowhere except guys sending me pictures of their genitals. I go out to bars and drink all the time but somehow I can’t get laid. Help a girl out.


P.S. Please don’t suggest I reach out to Duda cause I already slid into his emails and told him I would buy him a drink and he ignored me, which I’m slightly salty about

You’re in Chicago? You should definitely hit up John Duda.

Real response: It feels strange offering up advice to a girl on how to get laid. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in this position before, and I don’t know what to really say to get you swimming in D.

My guess for real-life scenarios is you’re not putting yourself out there enough. Pretty introverted? Keep a low profile? Most guys probably won’t approach you if they think you don’t want to be approached. I also speculate that your Bumble profile sucks. Are you one of these girls who uses the Snapchat flower crown on all her Bumble pics? Guys can’t swipe that shit left fast enough. Also, maybe you’re just really ugly and need to adjust your standards appropriately (Note: I didn’t look at your social media pages)?

@ Duda. Respond to this girl, man. What’s the matter with you?

Hi Dillon,

This is kind of long but I am sort of stuck and none of the advice from my friends is appealing. I work two jobs and job #2 is as a bartender in a fairly nice place downtown Chicago. We have a lot of regulars and they’re mostly really cool. One in particular is friends with a lot of the other bartenders and comes in quite frequently. He’s a super nice guy, but he’s significantly older than me. He asked me for my number a few months ago because a bunch of us from work were going to get together and he was coming. Clearly I should have never given it to him, but he asked me at work in front of everyone about a causal friends hang out so I thought it would be fine. It has not been fine.

He then texted me once and asked to get a drink, I said no, and now he won’t leave me alone. He asks me every single time he comes in to the bar about going to get a drink. Again, I work two jobs, so ya girl’s not got a lot of free time. I’ve basically used that as an excuse, but recently he’s started asking me if I’m blowing him off because I’m not interested. He asks this at full volume in front of all the bar patrons while I’m working. I generally say something like no, no, I’m just busy, and then go talk to someone else or hide in the back.

My question for you is what would you do if you were me? I clearly need to establish that this is a friends-only situation but I’m not sure how to do so. In any other circumstance I would just say straight up that I only wanted to be friends, but the only time I ever see this guy is when I’m at work and he’s bugging me about going out with him while I’m pouring drinks for other patrons. Everyone else, from the servers to the bartenders to the managers, are friends with this guy too so I feel like I don’t have any backup. I don’t want it to be weird at work but I do NOT want to go out with him.

Do you think I should just text him and say that? Say it to his face next time he asks me in front of the entire restaurant? Quit my job so I never have to see him again? Other thoughts??

Chicago? Do you know John Duda?

“I work two jobs, so ya girl’s not got a lot of free time. I’ve basically used that as an excuse […] I generally say something like no, no, I’m just busy.”

^Here’s your problem. Some guys are just morons and don’t pick up on hints. He’s an idiot, so you have to be blunt with him. Tell him, in a nice way, that you’re not interested. Make sure you’re direct with him. This should work. If he doesn’t stop blowing you up then maybe go to your manager about it and tell him or her the idiot is making you uncomfortable at work. Any decent manager will work to make their employees happy and comfortable on the job.

Hey Dillon,

I’ve been working out consistently for 10 years now. Over the past few years I have been following a strength-focused plan. I was starting to put up respectable numbers and herniated a disc in my lumbar. I am about to finish a part-time grad program and am looking to refresh my workout – is there any split or program you’d recommend?

I should once again clarify that I’m not qualified to answer questions like this. I can only offer up fitness advice based on my own experiences. Truth: A lot of the exercises I implement are based on what I see other in-shape people doing at the gym around me. That should give you an idea of how extensive my knowledge is.

I’ve been working out consistently for about four years now. I went from a soft 195 lbs. to 185 and what I would describe as “lean” in appearance. My workout splits go like this:

Monday: back, core
Tuesday: chest, deadlifts
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: shoulders
Friday: arms, core
Saturday: rest
Sunday: legs

Each part of the body gets about four to five different exercises to target that area. Each exercise is four sets, about 7 reps to failure. There it is. Sorry to hear about your back.


The more questions I receive, the better this series is going to be, so send me your Mailbag questions to and please put “Mailbag” in the subject line.

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Dillon Cheverere is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Dillon graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. Golf is his game now. He's long off the tee but can't putt for shit. Email:

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