Ketel One Creates Commercials That Make Me Want To Be A Better Man

Ketel One Creates Commercials That Make Me Want To Be A Better Man

Alcohol companies have always pushed the envelope when it comes to ad campaigns. For whatever reason, I’ve always found that the best, most creative advertisements have come from beer or liquor companies. Case in point? The only commercial I can distinctly remember from my youth is the Bud Light “Wazzzzzzzup” commercial.

Now I know that the Wazzzzup ad wasn’t necessarily “edgy” but it stuck with me because I was impressionable as an eight-year-old and there wasn’t exactly a whole lot of substance to it.

The ads that involve alcohol are usually the ones that I can remember with vivid detail. What that says about me as a person is probably not a good thing but I’m okay with that. I like to drink. Sue me.

Fast forward to now, and in all of my time spent sitting on my ass and watching television with Doritos fingers there is only one commercial where I’ve legitimately sat up from my seat and said, “Wow, that was a great commercial. I want to be those guys.”

I know that this ad campaign is a few years old. I also know that Ketel One has since released other commercials. But they haven’t been able to top these originals and it’s because they’re fucking amazing. The black and white video? Absolutely fire. The perfectly tailored suits and the card game with a bottle of Ketel One perched innocently on the table sets the scene for a commercial that may never be topped.

It’s the five o’clock shadows and the swagger of the first guy walking through the door in the shot. It’s the brooding, raspy voice of the narrator saying “There was a time when men were men. It was last night.” Sitting around, smoking cigars in expensive suits, and drinking Ketel One on ice. What a fucking setting. Ketel One even made one that incorporated responsible drinking and didn’t make me roll my eyes.

Three bros (again in great suits) waiting outside in a torrential downpour for a cab. What do they do when they see two attractive women walk outside? They give them their cab because that’s what Ketel One makes you do. It just turns you into a man of style and grace.

If you weren’t sold before on Ketel One before watching all of these videos then you’re probably still drinking Kamchatka. Show me a man who just watched all three of the above videos and isn’t straight up JONESING for a Ketel-rocks and I’ll show you a liar.

Inspired by 300 years of tradition – Gentleman, this is vodka.

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