Job Seeker Sends Resumes In Boxes Of Donuts And The Interviews Roll In

Getting to the interview portion of a job search is arguably the roughest portion of the process. You fill out application after application and send countless resumes and cover letters into the void of an online submission box, unsure if they’ll ever even be seen by an actual human, much less one who might give you a job. More often than not, your resumes go discarded and unread, without so much as a courtesy e-mail to let you know that, while they received resumes from a number of highly qualified candidates, they ultimately decided to go in a different direction, re: not you. Maybe, though, you’ve been going about resume submissions the wrong way. If you’ve been submitting yours through an online HTML portal, you’ve officially been one-upped, because the guy who got the position you’ve been eyeing sent his to the boss inside a box of donuts.

Lukas Yla just blew all of our previous job search efforts out of the water when he had the brilliant idea to deliver his resume to the heads of the companies he wanted to work for inside the boxes of gourmet donuts. Of course, he realized that getting into the buildings of some of the top marketing and tech firms in San Francisco might be a little harder than it appears, so he dressed up as a Postmates delivery guy to make it up to the VIP offices and personally hand-deliver his donuts and resume. Seriously, this guy is a genius.

Unsurprisingly, Yla’s tactic is being met with unprecedented amounts of success. He’s planned to deliver 40 resumes this way, and before he’s even finished with his deliveries, he reports that he’s already scored 10 interviews. Company heads are also taking to social media to show off their deliveries, getting Yla even more attention in his job search.

If Yla doesn’t get a job from this, I’ll be absolutely floored. Considering how happy I am when some Krispy Kreme finds its way into the break room, I know that as a hiring manager, I’d probably hire Yla on the spot without so much as a background check. As a job seeker looking at marketing jobs in San Francisco, he’s already proven that he knows his audience, and besides, who doesn’t love donuts? The only downfall? Thanks to Yla’s impressive job seeking skills, my current resume game feels pretty weak. Guess it’s time to start showing up to my interviews with snacks in hand, because I’ve officially been outdone.

[via Thrillist]

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